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Why why why why are you? Why? You seem stressed that. You gotta be. Acting that way. Because I've got one woman Lamberti happy with. Right. So. One woman. So. I just. I think part of the challenge we have is is that because. Oftentimes racism, historically in the society. Sends a message that you are less than and week. We feel like we've got to compensate by exaggerating. Certain stereotypical ways that men are supposed to act, and that's a trap that we fall into that. We have to pull out of. If you're confident about your strength. You don't need to show me by you. Putting somebody else down show me how strong you are that you can list somebody else up and treat somebody well and be respectful. And lead in that fashion. Well, a lot of good stuff there. Barack Obama on the circuit get a little shout out to Michelle without even mentioning her name gets a round of applause like she got it. The Grammy's thinks she's going to run. Could be part of that. There's a lot to break down on there. I mean the truth, and there's also some did you check some of the things that originated back in your administration where we are today. Break it down. Some sixty talking breaking news more coming up including Elizabeth Warren, saying, hey, let's have more national emergencies. She's four a bunch of. Yeah. L coming.

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