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Into training camp stuff the night tomato on a roster moves so they're down to. I believe twenty six players now in camp that includes some guys who are injured right now a shea theodore nicholas wa our day-to-day a william carey actually got injured last night. In the night's preseason game in colorado. He took escaped to the face which was obviously a very scary sight for a lot of the night's Sound like coach be divorce that he avoided serious injury but the skate was actually a Millimeters from his eye so obviously a very good news that eat up. The skates stayed away from his. I but the very scary moment for carry the rest of the knights of the guys still kind of in camp and vying for spots are a payton crabs. Patrick brown gauge whitney and spent bertie Logan thompson nights number. Three goaltender started last night but he got sent to the silver dance today. So let's get down to twenty six guys right now with less than a week ago to go until opening night so united things stand right now. Dave what are you can think of the the state of the team. In how these final roster battles are shaping up It looks like when you kind of sort of take. You know the guys out of the picture a little bit. Go player for player in what you know. What is the open. Open spots on the roster. It sort of seems like okay. This pain cramps make it or does bacon crabs. Not that seems like what it's really of going to come down to. Patrick brown might make it because nick. How is her aerobics..

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