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I'm going to go to the phones in a moment for four four eleven five four eleven but i got a bunch of texts about this today so here we go. You have an opinion. I never have an opinion on awa announcing bouncing jericho versus cody for the title without any build up or storyline on tv. I know they're in a tough spot with t._v. Not starting another month but it seems premature to announce this match dance with zero story. Does it even matter would love to hear your thoughts well. I had this one today and then. I had another one from somebody else <music> who was upset. I can't even find it here. It matters nice to see this person says an m._v._p. Giving himself an awa title shot already like w._c._w. Kevin nash all over again except that nash was over and he drew in the biz. Wow well let me tell you some facts buddy. If you watch all of these awa shows cody is in the top three of the most over acts on everyone shows that the they've done my wrong. I would join there. I would as number one. He i was there the last couple of shows so the idea that he's not over and he doesn't draw like dude what w. done aside from like the fighter fest and fight for the following which didn't sell out in what way have the top stars v._w. Not drawn way more they would be expected to draw over the last six months and here's the other thing you see new japan being very traditional in their announcing of shows a lot of times like in dallas. They announced the jiwan. They sell some tickets. They announced some of the wrestlers who are going to be on the show. They sell some more tickets. They never really sold a lot of tickets because even running even in los angeles and then in southern california in san jose when they ran shows. They didn't announce the card and i think there's a history of particularly fans in the united states with w._w._e. Booking they're not going to put their money down to buy a pay per view or buy tickets ford event in baltimore without at least the matches announced so are they get make sense that you announced cody and jericho and you announce omega and moxley to get to get those first day ticket sales well. It is the first day ticket sales right here with cody rhodes announced challenging for the title and the show is already outsold raw in baltimore on monday so don't stand here and tell me that cody and here's the other thing about cody cody so our cody kenny omega and the young bucks the four big stars in awa who also happen to be the v._p.'s are they never allowed to challenge for any titles because they're e- v._p.'s is that not allowed like if your evil no probably a bad example but we've been on him lately if you're evil and you're an e._d._p. And you're a tag team guy by that like clearly when you watch the shows. Nobody cares about right now. This is not him giving himself a championship match at the pay per view. It's cody not to mention mentioned. It's a show where wins and losses matter and cody is coming off a string of wins. What do you want animal. I think this guy's a troll but i wanted to throw that in there well. He's you think it's too soon for jericho to lose the title.

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