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How hard it is to present the right emotions at the right times. You know when. I was young plan noura an i still hear this today. People would say well you you gotta play with a smile on your face. Nothing lights emotional labor better than that idea. How summary look like they. They want to be there. How does somebody play with a smile on their face. I found that. So hard. And i reflected on it. I still hear. Those kinds of ideas articulate to. Yeah and if you have an injury and you have an interview. You'll always say that. I'm very optimistic that i will be back next week. That injury skim of being an athlete. Because they've got they've got to learn on this. There is so little breaking from it. But i think you know this is when i talked about earlier about how crushed i am the the sports have these these production processes starting so young. They are learning all of this stuff how to a how to present themselves to pick up on. The facial cues face to face interaction within the changing room with with senior staff knowing how they have to be in front of senior staff. This isn't just happening to the plaza. Course low those young ages is happening for the parents and the guardians as well. You know my find it peculiar because there are very few other occupations where you would think so naturally about starting occupational life from from such a young age in ways that can be so detrimental to for example family life. Think what one of the things that. I've i've realized that this become more important to me listening to the stories of athletes. Not just footballers. But i think always football in sunny in the uk offers the most extreme examples always How people journeys reflect the the enormous step changes for them. I mean we have both been involved in. Studies of career transitions but One of the transitions that nobody really talks about his transitions. In terms of economic and social capital for young footballers for example from quite modest backgrounds and at sixteen. You can suddenly find yourself from struggling in a family. That's making ends meet to flying by private jets. There is a sort of a a step change. In what bordeaux had cohabitants i find fascinating but simaltaneously to a step up in economic capital is a crushed your social capital. The longer you spend in some of these sports the more destructive. The sport.

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