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They serve many industries across the globe including focus in oil and gas anderson hauser. The people for process automation. Today we have on the show jason new in house. Jason is the h. s. manager for red bluff resources out of oklahoma city. Is that right. Jason yes sir. Well jason. Thanks for coming on the show. This is a little inside baseball. We're just waiting for another shoe to drop. This is our fourth or fifth attempt to try and record this podcast. So it must. We've entitled to podcast valuable insights. I know from what we've gone through already and trying to get the recordings out before. I know that we're definitely going to have some valuable insights and for all of you listening out there. This i've told the story before. I think about the nba students and one of their topics was to discuss effective business presentations and so they got to talking about using powerpoint. And they got to discussing how you should put together a powerpoint slide and how many how many points one slide should have and and they couldn't come to an agreement on it so they called a professor and i said how many points should a good powerpoint slide have and the professor said at least one. And if you've been to a lot of presentations like i have with powerpoint presentations a lot of times. They're just they're pointless. But i know we're going to have more than one one good point here on on this show so you're gonna wanna listen to it but you can also wanna be listening for the foot to drop with the luck. We've had over the past two or three weeks you know. Sit on the edge of your seat and wait for the explosion to happen here. So we're going to really keep our fingers crossed because we have another special guest that we want to introduce at this time fact. Jason let you introduce her. Because she's in your your office right now. We tried to do this remotely like we normally do between all three everson. That was another technical issue that we had. But jason. Won't you introduce. Laura forster got laura right. My office zora is in charge of completions safety and or safety for energy lauren. I have worked together on and off on various projects at different companies and we worked together very closely. When i worked at energy as well. Okay so let's start right there. And in fact laura one of the reasons we initially had problems trying to to get this podcast recorded. She was out on location. Somewhere in the bows of new mexico. I think aren't you laura and this all this high tech technology it just. It just won't work on mobile hotspot so laurie use. You actually spend most of your time out in the field right definitely lately. We've been pretty busy picking up on boarding racks drilling rigs as well as workover as well. Good okay so so jason. Let's go back to you for just a second. And then we're going to segue into to laura you have kind of an interesting career. You're now the h. S. manager for red bluff resources. But you've been in this field for flood over twenty years. Yes sir. I got out of college and oklahoma state in nineteen ninety nine have worked in oil and gas manufacturing consulting now back to oil and gas which hopefully barring any market related swaying. I'll stay in for the rest of my career and well. We certainly wish you look on that. So you started off. You started off in. Hse four an oil and gas company but then you moved off into other industries right. Yes sir. I actually made a mid foray into human resources which i turned tail and ran from as quickly as possible but one of the valuable insights that we're going to talk about on on this show today is you learn from i guess not. I hate to use these terms that have become cliches. You know thinking outside the box you know. Th you know thinking outside the box that phrases no longer thinking outside the box you know but seeing other industries oil and gas that gave you kind of a broader perspective on hse correct. Yes sir the interesting thing about health and safety and environmental. He kind of lump those together. Is that regardless of what industry. You're in regardless of what company you work for. Nobody if if you're working for a company that's worth anything. Nobody wants to see their employees injured. Nobody wants to see their contractors injured. Nobody wants to see the environment harmed. And by and large we have a good network to work together to solve some of the problems so he each don't have to go through the same thing over and over yet and so by reaching out and taking advantage of of other people's experiences you know what's that that old saying the young man went up to the old guy who was you know very successful than everybody looked up to him and the young guy. Seo guy said added you get so as you get so wise you know an adult. You have such good judgment. He said well that comes from experience. He said well. Where do you get the experience. He said from all your bad judgment. So i've been very fortunate my career to have people to lean on when i had a question. And that really has benefited me more than more than you could ever imagine. In fact i think that's actually going to segue into bring in laura back into the discussion here in just a second but jason happened very early in your career that i think had a profound effect upon you add like free to to share it with the audience. Because i think it's another valuable insight. Sure one of the biggest things that sticks out oftentimes whether you're at a seminar at a conference or what have you somebody will ask about what's one of your biggest memories from saving health and mine came about two weeks on the job. My graduated from home state nine hundred nine and went to work for a small drilling company in stillwater. Oklahoma and one of the we had eight rigs and there was a floor hand. That was washing the rig off the water hose and the water hose was such that got tangled around the rotary table and in doing so. Wrap the floor. Hand up in the hos- which causes head to hit the derek as a rotary table win around and the heart had that he was wearing took the first two blows and his head took the third one before the driller could get there and get the rotary table shutdown and i worked for safety director at that time and the safety director win with the employees to the hospital and my job was to go pick his wife up and take her and you know this time of twenty three twenty four years old and this is before cell phones. I think i might have had a bag phone but it costs like seventeen dollars a minute to talk on it so i had to. I had to go pick her up. Explained to her what happened and take her to the hospital. And that was so impactful to me because here was a young girl about my same age. Who neither of us had any idea if her husband was going to be alive or not when we got to the hospital and you know just the just the look on her face. The fear of the unknown. That really pushed.

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