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ESPN radio and the ESPN app. Back here in Boston. As we go to the last of the six bottom. Thirty order Kinzler Bradley Vasquez gets Garrett Cole Cole so far in this one is giving up. Five runs odd six heads. Or the runs on her. And he'll go back to work towards on the rubber and fires and a foul straight back and wanted to Kinzler. Kids are getting the start tonight. Red Sox got him at the deadline. They needed some help defensively at second base. And he certainly helped the net depart the offense has not been great. It's coming back to that hamstring deal stand in August. You'll want outside lower. Joe smith. The righty, Tony sip. The lefty up the Astros bullpen. The pitch that's in for a strike. The big boy just had that slider at one hundred thirty eight miles an hour. Impressive. Very accurate. The turn to kick the one to swigging to grab off the middle to his left Parada gathers. It in throw a I lo- dugout by Yuli gurriel Kinzler retired. That one up the middle off the side of the mound. Korea did well to get rid of it quickly. Discussing whether they're going to look at it. Or what are we doing? We wanna see just a jury outpolled his foot. Clearly out your throat beat them. So one point down. Doubts. Jackie Bradley, jR. They'll put the three fielders to the right? A second Korea Altoona bay angry L. And the pig. Outside. Radley's got the biggest hit of the night Red Sox with the bases loaded and two outs of third were down four two and Bradley scooped a fastball. The other way hit it. High off the monster gal that left field line. It cleared the bases. He ended up odd. Second docked in three gave the Red Sox acquired four Lee. They have right down the WTO swaying and a little tap out front of the plate. That's a fair ball picked up by Maldonado Eddie, grabs it they tag out. Radley? Jackie Bradley, jR, saying it hit him on the bounce which would be a dead ball while he was in the batter's box. So he wants them to review this or at least ask for help. And he is adamant about it. Thing that hit him on the elbow after he made contact the ball bounced up. That's the case. It would be a dead ball. Why Bradley jR, did not run? So right now the pirate crew getting together the six man crew. I'm not sure what Mark Wagner. James Hoyer, adding to this conversation, and we're down. Left and right field lines. But they're just hey, what's going on? I guess. But they're they're having a conversation. Fair or foul of the infield. Is not reviewable. So. If it bounced up and hit him because then it would be a dead ball, regardless if it ended up fair or foul. And I think that's part of the discussion is if this is review -able because it's not clear. I don't know if they have if a ball hits a batter after making contact fair review player not. Now it definitely hit him yet. Hit him in the arm. And now. And now they're going. To talk to the folks at Chelsea. So they're gonna get on their head said. And I'm glad they are because this is a play that Jackie Bradley, jR, called out on. And it definitely hits them. If bounces up above his head. And as it comes down right now does it hits them right in the yard. So it's it's definitely a foul ball. Deadball? Definitely not fair or out. I think the empire's credit. You know, when a batter now says it hits them because of video review, you know, they're telling the truth and Jackie Bradley, jR was immediate and never even made an attempt to run. So Joe west is there with Vic Carroll pasta. Sure who. AJ Hinch is talking to. Definitely arguing. Obviously it just comes down to flat out. Are they ladder anita's playing because it's clear that it hits. That's not the argument. The argument is Cam may review this, and they might be asking New York right now if they can review this they can't review this. I like, so I don't know what they're doing here because this is not reviewable. We saw. The replay though. That ball bounces up. After he hits it and hits him in the arm and the box. That's a dead ball. A foul ball. They're gonna take the headset. Foul ball is what they're saying. And crew chief fault for a rules. Check. So. Are asking if something is review -able or checking on a certain rule. Oh, man. I need day. Just let them review it. I mean, the whole point of replays to be able to just get the call, correct? They've corrected. It. AJ Hinch clearly upset. The one one slang. Field that he didn't get enough of it. Radic back slowing down makes the catch is outnumbered. Chu. I will tell you. I mean. Demaim AJ Hinch and Bradley goes yard there. I'm a little cranky because. The rules. The rule. They're not guaranteed to benefit from something. They may look at down the line that shouldn't be looked at on the other side. So I I get it. The pitch. That's in for a strike. Gonna go yard there. You see and you see that every once in a while where they go for a rules review. Which feels. It feels a little bit like reviewing it without actually being able to review it. The Awan swagger a ground ball to third right at Greg gloves. It steadies fires in time. And that's the NFL disjointed, but one two three go the Boston Red Sox and after a little bit of controversy. We head to the seven and the Red Sox deleted. It is five four. This is the American League championship series on ESPN radio. The SPN presented by auto zone. The.

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