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Gill or garo ongoing used for a long time and i want you to change i want you to be the same ways you are now because you have hawaii being able to capture the audience you know or it's nothing personal when when he of carol rises up he goes to the guy that spends a long time book it was a true i've seen him on both sides of the coin and that's what he's trying to do is to find the true uh you know gerald w parry reminds me so much of pa uh oh which is dame uh paul harvey know paul harvey as a kid could date now or narrow him hampshire dreary is next barbie i don't want to be the next anybody i want to asia itself in only their online darrell perry that i can say and i liked darryl to just three is that they're outlined your harrowing here there has to be by nut no other terrel w perry's visit i'm aware of but the police chief and kowhai hawaii also named ero perry and i i get gugel news alerts about him because i i like knowing when people are posting news articles about me and i get news about the police chief out there and i think there is a thing where he got suspended a couple of years ago for covering something up he might be trying to become like the state police chief erred something now robert any further the art police officer gerald jump hugh carey is a worthwhile preussen deserving of pride have a good died guys robert you for the call your calls and thoughts welcome at eight fifty five four fifty three that's eight five five four or five zero three seven three three.

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