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Friday. Welcome to it. Great debut with is or not a very good. Start to a friday for keith over there. She's another swarm of bees. You must have been stung. Thous- literally tens of thousands of times. I've not keith. Wait what it's me jeffey. Oh no wonder okay. Thought it was a nasty swarm of Is it safe to still say african bees. I probably not know how say they keep. How dare you say data early. Okay for you to talk about the swelling of keith. I'll that would go or was it. Just one really big. Was it a swarm of bees. I got one the size of a volkswagen Just barely do. I know i got it. What i'm saying is that yes essentially that your overweight. Thank you so again. Glad we got that. Oh yeah you're welcome you're welcome just a quick reminder for you the anger you appreciate it good to see you. Man grill today writing that too. Happy day it's a happy day for you. I know that Great to have you with us. As i as i mentioned a few minutes ago by the way traffic and weather together every three minutes on the twos all morning long just to get you there on time. A lot of time jens as yeah. It's important and we take it seriously. That's why we do it to every three minutes on the twos okay. Casinos when the weather forecast is going to change completely right and right into the traffic patterns will abs- switch. I mean all of a sudden split second and the traffic is backed up. We wanted to know that it's backed up. That's all right. We got a lot on tap for you today. couple of sports notes. The lakers and lebron are out in good good man that serves him right. Have a nice day. Take care or don't see that'd be better. Sorry yeah a little polite but you know what no lakers lost. One thirteen to one hundred to the phoenix suns in game. Six eliminated forty two in the first round. Good lebron make the whole game. I know i think he left with twenty five minutes left ridiculous. I think he did stay this time. What a cry baby is is just. It's embarrassing i. And he wants to be compared to michael jordan. Or even even put above michael jordan. Nope no lebron. No sorry no you know. He has single. I think hurt the league like nobody else has because nobody wants to be continually bombarded with his bull crap and and he's really he pushes it. Yes gm's it down our throats he sure does so you just get no respite from things and what. Sports is kind of meant to be a respite back in the old story. Yeah right in olden times it was important that storm not so much anymore The usfl is coming back. I know that's kind of cool. Nice i guess it'll be. I'm sure but three games into the season it'll be defunct again but i mean they can't seem to make any any of those leagues work. Well they've got They've said the names are going to remain the same to protect the innocent and aims from nineteen eighty-four. Yeah and they already got. They have a broadcast deal. I don't know how much that was worth with with With box boards. Okay and and what. Time of the season is exploring its ring. Football just doesn't work well and and work in the fall either and you've got xfl no coming. I thought so. I don't think so. I think they're done the xfl. Just i mean this way. Nail in the xfl's coffin the pandemic. Certainly didn't help but The i thought that they. I mean originally. I know that you know they hang. Hang your cleats up you go. I'll be back in twenty twenty two. Yeah no no. I haven't heard a peep out of them since they laughed. I i don't know if they're planning a comeback but is supposed to start next spring then twenty twenty. That's what they said that's really something. That's what they said when they when they closed up shop because of the pandemic so I mean i don't know you're right. We haven't heard anything but that's what they said You know nobody could compete with the nfl. Just can't Many many many have tried. I know and when the draft i just read a story where the draft was The i think the seventh most watched of all time. Nfl a huge numbers against amazing. So and how exciting is the draft for those of us who are really immersed in it and you don't care about some of the players and teams you. I understand it but most watched seventh. Most finished seven was the number i saw. Yeah that's amazing. that's really something Are no but was the draft right draft. Ooh bob jones go depict number four to the redskins. I mean washington football team outside linebacker from saint. Mary's university it olaf minnesota. Think there's an old off minnesota we'll have to look that up but yeah it shouldn't you wouldn't think that would be exciting. Doesn't the description doesn't sound exciting. But for some reason. I had to watch watch the entire first rasmusen in today's world win if they're not there You still hook up digitally yellow when you get to see family is the you know. It's kind of a cool thing. Yep also because Foreigner was not included in yet another year of of either nominations or induction into the rock and roll hall of fame N you brought up some list. That had people who had been snubbed. I was looking up lists of artists who've been snubbed in the rock and roll hall of fame and so we'll go over some of that. It's just it's amazing. One of the list had a hundred artists listed. Who snubbed the one hundred list. That i was thinking of that. I think i sent it to you. But if i did know that we were talking about it was like fifteen artists and i thought all foreigners got to be on this little nope had one hundred and four hundred wasn't on the list now. One hundred are you kidding me. Stop as far as i know. They've never even been nominated embarrassing. No boston no foreigner and artists. I've never heard of. I always music radio for a thousand years. I've never heard of some of these bands. Build the blinky. Worst the worst names and that i think i've heard of build the blinky played bongos on. Cut number. four the billy hall. Billy holly was great right. Yes i mean it's just agonizing. It is frustrating. Because i can't believe they're never make any other lewis. I mean they've they've made every angry at them possible. Something's going on because it's just it's ridiculous The consideration that some of these bands get an artist. Get and you know. They had one album in literally Somebody was nominated this last time. I can't re. I think they had two albums to influencers though. Yes i'm sure they are. I'm sure everybody says yeah. I was super inspired by them. I don't remember their name. But i know fired by all right. Triple eight.

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