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Jim John, one of North Korea. 100% Thes people is sharp in this barn. Joe Biden's campaign announced it raked in $383 million in September, talking with a supporter in Pennsylvania Biden. A lot of the contributions is coming from lots of regular people. $5.5 million. Thank you. Side point. Really, You know the average contribution out there for all that money this month with something like $44 or something. Today is the deadline for California Republicans to remove unofficial ballot drop boxes under state order, But the GOP says it has no intention of removing the boxes and district with tight congressional races. You're listening to ABC News. Come on. Use Art Sanders. Now your top local stories from the Comb 0 24 7 News Center. The number of Corona virus cases in Washington is again climbing with western Washington and the Puget Sound region, driving the statewide increases. The model show the transmission right on this side of the state is just above the point where the numbers will continue to rise, while Eastern Washington is hovering right around that point, But state health officer Dr Kathy Lo Fi says, we are seeing activity and other states and we know that all the changes that people have made In their life have prevented disease and have saved lives, Sokolov says. Our states also at her near a record level for the number of covert tests completed each day, they were watching for a big decision on car tab from the state Supreme Court. Today, the court posted online that it could file an opinion on initiative 9 76 voters approved slashing car tabs to have flat $30. A King County and other agencies claim the measures unconstitutional. It could wipe out millions of dollars in funding for transit projects. Now you're co Moh traffic..

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