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Forty six percent from the field, Georgetown. They were forty three percent Xavier twenty eight for sixty Georgetown, twenty three for fifty eight three pointers three for thirteen. That's twenty three percent. Georgetown, three ten for seventeen for thirty seven percent. They made seven threes in the first half. Only three for fourteen in the second half Georgetown free throws abor twenty two for twenty. Eight seventy eight percent Georgetown fifteen for eighteen for eighty three percents. Everyone the bow the boards. No surprise there. With the two bigs Imprese you're taking care of that. Tyreek Jones ANZAC hankins with ten rebounds apiece zebra as a team thirty six rebounds Xavier had eleven offensive rebounds. Zach hankins was six offense at tyreek Jones with four offense of Joe, I I think the biggest Staten this game Xavier four turnovers in this basketball game, Georgetown, turn the ball over seventeen times that's ball security, and you do that without your store starting point guard outstanding job by Paul Scruggs and the whole team by by being secure with the basketball. You talk about that rebound stat. If you remember early in the ballgame I ask you why saver was beating get beat so Bailey on the boards about five minutes Xavier was losing that battle but about nine rebounds. When you consider that how they've finally turned out. What a turnaround on the glass with the musketeer. Here's joe. And again you've been an advocate for playing two bigs. And I tell you, you know, I wasn't necessarily agreeing with you. I will tell you that because you're a lot bigger than I am. But boy, I tell you it really worked. Joe I mean in this game. I mean, this was this was a game with Georgetown played a lot of big himself. So the match ups were there it's not like you're playing too big against four guards. You set your big eyes. And they were battling bigs also Jones package they were really good tonight. What was the same thing against Seton Hall? Seton Hall play too big Xavier decided not to and maybe had they played well Xavier maybe learned something from this game. And it worked big time. Like remind you to tune in on January thirteenth..

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