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Best. That's Hercules tire DOT COM Hercules tires. Ride on our strength. Welcome back to out loud. Joined now by my good friend. Steve Post pit reporter extraordinaire and dirt track racing expert as well on the inside. And you've got a busy schedule even get some action this weekend right. Yeah absolutely. I am so fortunate that I get to do what I love to do. I love the NASCAR stuff. I love being on pit road to them are on. It's just it's like you just like being busy. I like being busy. That's for sure. So that was my dream gig as a kid to be on the road and to do car. Radio with them are an and so. But I do a lot of short tracks stuff. And so this weekend. I'm actually going to Syracuse New York indoor auto racing. Tq MIDGET CARS. Three quarter midget cars on a concrete track. Basically inside of a hockey rink. Oh my goodness full contact full action and I'm kind of like the James Bond stuff. Why don't we actually have? We have a penalty box. A We have a penalty box so someone gets stray the Jayaram Halsey cooldown zones hockey. You go to the cool down zone and I come over and put my finger at you and I and I love the the GIG. I'm the I'm kind of ringmaster. I'm down on the ground so like you were pat right. Yeah should if there's a fight intern number two. I run over to turn number two and do play by wally. If there's an interview over here I need as it's just so much fun at ties in so well I mean I love love. Love being on pit road with them are an and we're coming off a west coast swing and how great that was so. I'm very fortunate. But then this week at Syracuse and then back to homestead next week so I love the writing. I think you're right. I think I love being busy. Busy busy pays better than board. Is he does. And I'm a guy that likes to travel to. I you know people have said you know how long you've been doing this. How long you want to do this. You know we get to that stage and I think when you get to the stage where travel starts to become a not enjoyable I think there's where you're like. Okay maybe we need to rethink this whole thing but right. Now I'm all jacked up because I'm going to Syracuse New York. I'm GonNa hit Dinosaur Barbecue. I'm GonNa hit Southern Tier Brewing. I'm going to get some indoor racing. I actually have a five K. Up there I'm going to do And I'm going to have some Hoffman hotdogs. So I'm I so I love travel obviously and with two daughters growing up and getting you out of the nest. You're a little more free up right. Yeah I mean not that. That's a bad. No I mean I've lived. What do you know? And and I'll share this woody okay. You're so close to you and I are. I'm not scared. I'm not scared to share this with you when my wife and I first whom had the big blowup I lived with. Woody okay. So what are you a couple of years and his wife Sandy? Thank God so woody and I go back and so it's a deep deep friendship. Would he knows my story. And I've spent the last fourteen years as a single dad joint custody but but I have a lot of impacted my daughters in my daughter's life and they're with me more than more than probably anywhere else at so it's been great but now you either eighteen and twenty one and all of a sudden. It's like they're wanting to do their own thing. Yes all those things that all things that I wanted to do. Well it started weird. Okay and I know. We're way off the racing reservation. But it's kind of a life they. It started weird. It was like as they got older would do everything when my girls okay. My life was my girls and okay and I- unapologetically proud of that then. You should really proud of that. But then like they start to get older and they start to have plans on a Saturday night. what am I going to do okay? The first the first time the struck me okay. It was December during the off season. Okay and it was like they're going to both of them. I had a Saturday night with nothing to do with. It was the weekend in early December that the College Football Playoff Games are the ACC championship the Sec Championship. And everything else. I said I'm going to get a steak. I'M GONNA get a bottle of wine and a baked potato and I'm going to grill the steak. I got a great night alone and I did. I had one of my will tragedy or are all of a sudden reality hit the next week. They were both gone Saturday night on. Well I don't want to do the same thing now when I don't know what it's great but yes girls get older. I get a chance to do a little bit more traveling and have some. I've always had fun but it's really neat. I'm I'm I'm like a guy on the personal front and on the business professional front. I've lived a dream dream Dream Wife. That's for sure. And how many people get to actually say. I'm so fortunate I I love being dad and I love being a reporter and announcer for all the racing events for sure. Let's shift back to that racing side for a second because one of the things. That's most interesting. We talked about wing nation and your dirt track experience. What are some of the things that you have seen on the dirt side that they do well that might be workable or adoptable on the NASCAR side? Are there some things yes there are? I think the biggest thing to me and it's a challenge and I don't envy I don't envy the spot. That NASCAR is in on this particular one. I think people's attention spans have I know. People's attention spans have shrunk. It's a right now. Society is a right now society. We stand at the microwave and tap our foot. Because it's not going faster. Okay so to me the wing like a world of outlaw sprint car show is perfect two and a half hours how laps boom let annoys downtime qualifying. A LOT OF NOISE DOWNTIME. He races in between them. There's downtime chance to hang out with your buddies chance to talk. There's the dashers be made it so it's short and total length. Two and a half hours. Okay and you have time to socialize in the middle of it. Okay so I think that is really really neat and I think that's a challenge. We have a NASCAR and I don't envy him because the minute you say. Well maybe you're five hundred mile race needs to be a four hundred mile race or all. My Gosh the robbing us of our mileage and people don't like change and and and and sometimes less is better. You know sometimes less is better. I really show business. Leave him warning more than one more. I think I think you know we. We rented a couple of years ago. Pocono went from five hundred or four hundred S. Oh my gosh. Rigging their hands. I Want my money back for my hundred miles. Great come to find out a four hundred mile race. Pocono is better than a five hundred mile race and we're gonNA find out what a three hundred and fifty mile race implement. It was like this U of m two of them exactly so to me. I think I think that's one thing that the short trek world has done so well is that is that attention span thing. Downtime is downtime. Things thing you go you go to a sporting events with your buddies or your family or your wife or your spouse or significant other in a NASCAR sometimes the volume even under caution. There's competition you're exactly but it's it's not a social event that were maybe you're maybe you're isolated a little bit and we live in a society where we want to be connected. I love what NASCAR's doing with the connectivity. Have to try and that's that's great. We are in a society now that loves to be connected and love to chat with each other racing electronic says the good two way radio systems that you can talk to your buddies with during it but it's still structurally. I think it's still a challenge. We're talked about downsizing the season from from February and October or wherever we end up there but I still think those events and I don't know the answer I don't Envy Nascar on it because the minute you talk tough decision. That's it's tough decisions. I think the right people are in place to make the right decisions to get this to get this thing. But that's one thing from the short-track original question I love about it. It's a social event. It's an event where you're don you go into the pits. After the race. You have a beer with your favorite driver and you still aren't up all night long doing it so I think it's a shorter event and that that socializing time period in the middle of it is is is really pretty cool. Let's talk a little bit about Atlantic this weekend. will be there for the truck race on Saturday afternoon at one o'clock Georgia two hundred will start off on Friday with practice at one thirty or the RV outdoors truck series. But I really think that is a cool experiment that Atlanta started a few years ago. And I think it's been really cool to have the truck race and the race on the same day Saturday. If you're not a cup SNOB and I'm not. I'M NOT SAYING Cup. Snob in a negative way. Okay if you savor and enjoy every NASCAR race xfinity or truck race If if you love it all that's the best day of the year that's a great value. I love that day. Okay and and in. This series racing has been so good this year. Atlanta such good racetrack truck series. Racing's good we. Actually that bounty thing going on with a truck. I mean there's so much good that day to me is is is if you're set aside the Cup world. That's the best day of Nascar for me because you get both xfinity in the truck series all in one day one doubleheader little downtime going back mother the chance to run out onto the concourse grab. Grab Sandwich. Grab a beer grab a soda. Grab a water chance to hang and say hey. What did you think of that? What did you think of that? Oh come on. We gotta go back in the next race. Has I absolutely love that day? Atlanta I love. They did it a few years ago and I love that they still do it now. Because that's one of the best days in NASCAR every year as we run through the schedule here. We mentioned. We'll start off on Friday afternoon. One thirty eastern time truck series practice Followed by the race on Saturday when we when we get to this race. The Buzz is all about this bounty on Bush. What do you think about that? I I like the buzz. I'm still struggling with the hand wringing about we've got to the Cup guys out of the truck series and we have a bounty that encourages cup guys. Come into the truck series. I'm on my mind still hasn't figured that out of it is is most people get upset when it's one particular precisely their cup guys the the like you're bringing the truth into well. This is not. This is not a cup series issue. Kyle Busch issue. This is a kyle. Busch issue I want mass as a cup series issue. But it's a Kyle Busch so I take their. We can't Stand Cup series guys in there. I take that that we can't Stand Cup series guys and I'm like well wait a minute. We're encouraging work. But those guys are there to be Kyle Busch. So that's why there's no. I think it's great. I think I would have an and Kevin Harvick. I'll say this about Kevin Harvick and I respect Kevin in so many areas and Kevin Harvick's motive for this is one hundred percent pro truck series of former team owner in this series. He came from. Yeah he put Kevin Harvick on the map. And so he is Kevin Harvick's motive in this is one hundred percent pure gold right on point and in Marcus. La Mona's gentlemen afterwards. I if I had to tweak it a little bit I'd say the bonus to anybody that can be Kyle Busch But I I. I'm fine with it. I think it's great. I think it's exciting This week Chase Elliott and Eric Jones and Brennan. Putin is Jones this week. Brennan Paul and John Hundred John Hundred and then the one that Kyle is worried about is homestead next week. Kyle Larson at homes. Who kind of started this whole thing by Tweeting Cherries when he in Vegas? Kinda neat kind of fun stuff. I like it what I WANNA see. Though I want to see the bounty go unclaimed and a truck series regular in Victory Lane Is that would be nice so But Yeah I think it's an it's certainly. We have spent the last two weeks in in in media availabilities and in this sport and on Talk Radio in the sport talking about the truck series and we rarely get.

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