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Over the years but it didn't surprise pool that the suspect turned out to have that law enforcement and in fact military training he had been in vietnam before he came back to california and got a job in the exeter police department real cops who worked in the accident police department are talking about their time with joseph di angelo he arrived there nineteen seventythree worked there for three years they say he was known for his professionalism and ambition and his aloof cool nature to his colleagues one guy who worked in that department for thirty years says about joseph diangelo he was just over educated for the small department he just knew anything you wanted to talk about i think he had a bachelor's degree all kinds of training he didn't fit in with the other guys we liked to joke and screw around take the stress off of what we are doing he was always serious he says that he was shocked by finding out that joseph di angelo was a golden state killer and other people were as well some of the officers say that they consider themselves a family the officers specifically in that exeter police department he was twenty seven or twenty eight at the time he joined the department and exeter police officers say when they were on slow periods of a shift they would radio radio to each other to meet up in place where they could just hang out until they had something to respond to and they said that when they would do that with joseph di the conversations were mostly one sided and strained one officer saying i liked him but he's not the kind of guide have over for a barbecue he's just standoffish to serious seems like he's always thinking but at the same time he said that he had a good rapport with with the public and that he treated people well of course he did he was a psychopath.

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