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Can't even pretend to give a shit anymore. I really every time. Wwe does so. The i can't. I don't go ahead. Blake i'm sorry how good as somebody who has put it. Soup is at people who've hated him so much. They've tried to kill him. I think he'll manage with. Wwe onto annex t. The big scary boy is back. Kerry and cross his back. And i am happy. That he's feuding with damian. Priests so i don't have to care that much about his story lines. It's weird that he didn't immediately go after fan. But scarlett did for suffering like scarlet went after am the thin carey and just decided to attack davey and priest for some reason. Also austin theories tamed. With johnny gargano. So we're going to have to throw that entire story line out the fucking window. Yeah we're going to talk about that later aren't we. There called the going great line when he took the mask off. It was me austin it was off. That's good good. Yeah but yeah that happened. It was a good that was probably one of the good better moments of war games. But we'll get into that later but yeah back to eighty w and back to fucking stink because the best part of that wasn't staying it. Wasn't cody realizing something. They've been drawing comparisons with for a while. It's oh yeah darby's sitting in the cheap seats is like staying in the rafters and it wasn't until sting said. I can't remember the exact quote but he was like things are looking real familiar around here and then it cut to him in the in the audience and i went. Oh shit that is what that is That looks very familiar. Yeah exactly then. It's darby like the championship brooding up there and apparently he will be wrestling is what i've heard. Apparently staying will be wrestling which. I don't know how i feel about that. I don't know. I mean it's fair to be to be fair. If he has been doing. The shit. Like kevin nash and lie ramos stereo has been doing where he goes to south america to get fucking like stem cell treatment. Dia then yeah. I all. I'm not. I'm not all for i'm all for it. If he doesn't wear a t shirt. I really hated t shirt stay. Yeah he didn't. He do shirts thing was. He did wrestle in shirt when he did he when he fought rawlins. I can't remember. Because i think he'll of his two matches..

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