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What they're doing over at hidden treasure Christian school and again it is a hidden treasure right here about families who are literally moving to upstate South Carolina to to been the number one thing that has happened they've heard from somebody else in letting people know about this special treasure here in the upstate but other of the events here in the local upstate but the other way is by our website that you already mentioned well is something that people look to our state has been something people have been looking to because in the state that then those funds can go to a special needs children as well and I know they're folks here in South Carolina expanded because that's another way that we other ships to people and so that's something that's unique to South Carolina we hosted the secretary is wanting to do as well but she's calling freedom scholarships to even be more of a hell of course further student in getting it back to parents which the Bible says are the responsible for people that want to get help with their students that have special nature real purpose to a good to talk with you again for spending a few minutes of your day with us in Tobita microphone with pop the question. I'm Joe Hudson. This is weakened pulse back in a moment here on ninety four five.

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