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Was going on. And where things were going. Okay that is the main strength of vince. Mcmahon on commentary. As a viewer there was never any confusion about if something was supposed to be a diabolical act or something was supposed to be the beginning of a turn or if some he'll was acting away where maybe they're going to be. I mean he spelled it out for you. And i watch these old shows and the commentary because of that that's commentary is supposed to be now. Yes i realized that. He's on the headsets yelling at people. Okay but still. I watch these shows. And the announcers don't know what's going on and the announcers don't know like they don't know nothing and there's no helping you figure out where things are going or helping you to explain things and with vince. Because it's it was his baby. If he thought something was great he could sell it to you because he believed that it was great whereas some angle happens and michael cole. Esther robotically say that he's disgusted. He doesn't care. I know what's going on. He just goes and he said some words and they say the they say the right words but there's no passion and he doesn't know of sasha's supposed to be good or bad and it changes every week anyway. It just sucks so. I thought that vincent a great job as basically the promoter literally telling you this way we said we tell stories back then you know what vincent tell stories and that was it. jim. Ross was you know. And jim ross. Came from a system and underneath a guy that in his own way. Vince mcmahon in cowboy bill watts. You know it was your jim. Ross talks about the fact that he would introduce. The show's. Heathrow devoid pierce. Who would throw to bill watts. And then bill. Watts talk for the next fifty seven minutes of that program up until the very end when he knew jim ross would sign off thanks for watching mid south wrestling because bill watts was going to get across everything that you needed to know as a fan why these guys were important. What is going on. What is a big deal where they going with this stuff. Only anderson when he did his best now. The thing with those guys is for the most part bill. Watts was his. You know pierce was supposed to be the play by play guy but he was supposed to be the color guy. All the anderson was the color guy. That was the part with vince. To where p had a great color guy usually with him tuna bruno. Obviously there was bruno jesse thing but when it was just jesse and then you know when it was just at times heenan and even though he needs more associated with gorilla monsoon but the same sort of way where you know he still had a color guy that was really good. Roddy piper teddy biaz. Whoever he'd be using in the moment you know usually they were also pretty good as well too so just the whole package worked and at the time. There are a lot of a lot of people that didn't like it. Because we're used to gordon solely or our local announcer cobbler. Whoever and vince was there what a maneuver maneuvers. He didn't know. But as you go back and you look and you see what he got over you see where things matter even if it wasn't with hogan with the british bulldog danny davis during he'll wears davis knows the hart foundation is doing what they're doing and stealing the titles from the bulldogs. There are many examples of that. Where in sight looking back. I got a lot more respect for for him and what he did as an announcer. You know the time went on a guy. A guy like gordon soul. He was hired to call wrestling matches. And so yes. He's all about wrestling moves. Vinci's job was to tell the story to sell tickets and pay per views and he did a great job telling the story and one other thing that he did which was so great because it was his promotion and his ideas and his booking. When vince would open the show the tell you what you're going to see tonight. On saturday night's main event or superstars of wrestling or whatever was row. This guy had never seen a more exciting card. He was so excited about what you're going to see tonight. And what he was done talking. You're like i can't tear myself away from the television. I can't believe i'm gonna see the bush-whackers against sheikh in volkoff. I can't wait and things are thinking about like that match. Sounds terrible then. He's yeah what the hell much the bolsheviks in the bush-whackers for but that's that's we're having the promoter as the announcer works you know. And now it's not fair to soley because all the announcers were there to sell the drama. Were there to sell all that sort of stuff. It's just that vince mcmahon. Reinvented that wheel in all those old. Trappings again that old howard cosell. Vince mcmahon died once hulkamania stepped in and once he started doing tuesday night titans and he saw that being. The ringleader was the way to go in again. He did a very good looking back like jimmy valiant. I was never a fan of growing up now. I look at them and go. There's a reason to jimmy. Valiant you know even at his age. He's not jerry lawler but he could come out of retirement in a gym in southwest. Virginia and people will go there and he dance around. And that's the gimmick and that's what worked and that's why you had long jetty but out taking all those bumps you know some of the people that you didn't appreciate when you were younger as you look back on this generational do it to you know you know no matter who it is. They'll find somebody and they'll be people that man you know. This guy should have gotten more roses or i should have appreciated it more back in the day. They'll have the same thing so this person here says. Wb network on peacock update so the we know debuted on peacock today as of this morning. They've added raw episode from two thousand eight to twenty twenty one. No retro raw retrospect having yet they also not added any saturday night's main event episodes either on a positive note they are constantly uploading new content each passing hour so there is a chance that things for the bien. V will be available by april fifth. Seventy seven they put tuesday in texas up so like tuesday texas and talking smack at priority over many of the. Maybe they're doing all of the ours. Tease i in the library. Go back down. Go go down a little bit further w and put some those. Wcw's up there for me. Police ideal person says is anyone in. Aws does not know how to cut a promo if there is they don't cut promos that's the don't put them on tv place. There's plenty.

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