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Of the highlights from the Mayo Clinic. Qna podcasts and the Mayo News Network coverage of the pandemic. You're invited to follow along during the week by downloading mayoclinic. Qna from your favorite podcast provider. You'll also find more covert nineteen coverage at news network DOT Mayoclinic Dot Org. Thanks for joining us. And let's get started joining us by phone for another covert nineteen pandemic update is Mayo Clinic Infectious Disease and vaccine expert. Dr Greg Poland Actor Bolin. Good deduct you again. Thank you good to talk with you. Hopefully those this won't last too long but we don't know. How long do we know we built? And you know as we've talked a bit Before there's this lag period between what we see and what happens two weeks from now so I continue to believe since we have not reached the peak of this yet nor have we seen the spread from the large epicenters. Like New York and Washington happen with their full force to other areas. I think we are in for this over months not weeks. We're recording this interview on March Twenty Fifth and the first question that we have is more a comment from a youtube viewer. Who said speaking of spread you and Dr Sizes are too close and duct tape? Why are you not practicing social distancing one recording and you know what that is a good question and we are for not practicing what we've watched you guys didn't enter my mind setting and Tracy sometimes forgets that? I'm at high risk for this Cova Nineteen. She's over there is stay over here. Good question thanks for A learning to that all right fifty five.

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