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How much grad of you save? So how do you partner with the bakeries in purveyor? Winters to do it. How do you form those relationships while the very fast Ray, I literally eight by around all of the local bakeries and ask that we could connect will have center, which is the Brad that was left on the shelves at the end of the day dyke rash branch that just not been patch? I it was a pretty big challenge to cool denies all. These different batteries to get them. The so now quired we've had to at more efficient ways doing that and tweak managed to cheat that by what can with sandwich Fatemi. So we don't eat. The crust ends of the lives by sandwiches. And the crust ends on often. Not fess slice of the life is well because it's slightly smaller doesn't get used to make sandwiches by product of summer which industry, and so we partner with a large factory. They segregate the he'll on a pest slice of the knife in the very beginning. Deduction and donate that to us. They deliver it to the brewery, and it is tons into bath. Last thing the next morning just as the sandwiches are arriving at the show that is so cool. If you had to describe like what the beer tastes like, what would you say? I mean, how many different flavors? Do you have? What do you think sets? Obviously the social causes sets the bureau part in the food waste aspect. But what do you think sets the brand apart, taste wise? So we go range of flu different bays in co. Arrange we put three aisles pale in American Piol RPI also to have a Naga. They're ready quality great tasting bass crappie as that you wouldn't necessarily contained Bryant will. But it does have a ready. Nice multi flight at multi too much. But this is you know, they range from the APA being real tropical. Drank from the the hopes that have passion for Asian citrus. Orion Mattis Ray. Nice refreshing Kobe to log this is Chris refreshing subpoenas. Ness styles hall pay but much more lightly hopped than the American pie Nile, speaking of America. I mean, you're in the UK, but the US has gotten in on the action. So what does that across the pond partnership? Look like, how are you guys entering the US market? So we, yeah, we we nursing in UK fast contentious sixteen and we were just seeing some from across the world actually, not save people getting in touch with us inside that way, not to story. Not the business of producing a night wanted to save. I could take it to and within from the US alot of interest in food waste as a cause. And people ready have getting why was comparable Munsan station thing about it. So we have set. Partnerships around the world, we in women, South Africa remain Iceland, in Brazil and have slightly different relationships with the partners, even the, but forensic the US Ciccio bacon imported market that we wanted speed of sounds. So we set up a subsidiary company that space in New York we brewing with captain upstate New York, which is following the same model that we use any case we contract vote because the berets will have the world on growing numbers of them to eek high. For example, we have two thousand boo as and the bro is not spreading every single day. The equipment is a new some of the time in the capacity of the brewers are is available and say rather than building on my birthday, which has environmental impacts little psi it cost to it. We work with existing boom as to nevarez dot spec. Pass. Stina system. So we've we in the with very cool will talk she's in the middle of peaceful countryside in the notes of England and in the US what what can captain arms that. And then we have a team based in New York, and we're also expanding through the coast while at cell call. I'd be remiss if I did not take the opportunity to mention one of our mutual accomplishments in badges of honour, which is the B quirks artifacts, Asian, and I know that this is something that you're very passionate about so far listeners who may not be familiar. Explain really what it be Corp is what being be court means to you in. How do you get certified? So be businesses that are working for good play. They amazing highest standards verified social environments, full months, transparency and accountability. And yet generally trying to use business as full. Are include some very big brands like Patagonia, for example, on Benny Jerry's. You have quite paid social missions. But also not since Mona businesses while and the community is growing will across the world in the US is home is in the US, but it has expanded internationally as well. So we became the first UK a beginning of last year in twenty eighteen and yeah, I'm was saying the community grind, very quick K. I've here, and it's just yes. Fantastic to be parked dot network. Could businesses pony because supporting each other by sharing of charities and knowledge experience, and Jack sort of helping to raise awareness of be cool as a way of doing business at I mean, it really isn't. Because like you said, you know, be Corp highlights a lot of smaller businesses to which is you know, how we? Got connected. Our target audience. You know, I say this a lot on the show are millennials who wanna do better for the planet, but may not know where to start in. So you know, what's more millennial than interviewing a beer company? I mean, especially one that's major player in the fight against food waste water. Some other ways that you guys are helping kinda transform the community. I know that you have a partnership with the tap social movement, and you were talking about feedback. However, you guys engaging. You know, the people around you to help out with the major issue that his food waste, right. So we have a policy of being by open transparency that he we do and sharing experience. So we've recipe that is hosted on our website said that anybody Bruce a Humber can go online. Donna the recipe on can ensure that nobody the hasta way spread. In our in harm three of been a number of projects that have arisen to seeing through universities students getting together to Bruce small batches obey the hap, so using bread from the University School, compass we say collaborate directly with a lot of breweries that we've worked with about twenty different breweries around the world. A lot of them in the UK, but will stay in California in Sweden as well. Amortized combinations were sharing on experience of brain. With brad. It is in theory fannies simple to substitute some of the Bali used in in bed with with. But it comes with a whole host challenges on what Cain to help as to understand and income sniff as challenges we ultimately would love to say, we'll breweries using branch in the grain bell to create a secular economy within the brain industry. By his brewers use to be located close to each other. There was a nail many nice industrial symbiosis is relationship between makers you have set plus donating to brewers who use that in the dot Brad in bath spent grain, which is the the grindstone left Iran after bring finish condemn be dried. It can be ground into flour in. It can be used in in Brad citizen, really love executory on three the corporations that were doing working with the leg who bakery elect Cabrera a moral side. Joining Quaid, I local charity America charities are working in the of of food in particular some by flicking property on environmental issues sweet production, but Swail also working with other charities imitating things community. So you mentioned tap sexual by our burry, what could people? Who have been in prison and the ability to them by giving them experience in brain. But will stay in the house side of things while site in business administration to to help get people skills to get back into the workforce. And yet we've done a number of collaboration varies now on the other side. Just when trying to be very open about dating tried to publicize it as much as possible to encourage students we've seen about twenty five breweries around the world who who'd mentioned that they've been inspired by what wedding in a producing this for themselves, including to the big supermarket in the UK who have worked with the bread supplies to create an own brand Redway, that's inside UK shells. Now. That's incredible. It's very cool to see the impact, especially the global impact because food waste is such a global issue. Okay. So before I. Let you go have launched. I'm gonna go at breakfast. I wanted to play a little game called rapid fire. I'm asking ten random questions, and you just blurt out the first thing that comes to your mind. Okay. Yes. Okay. One who is the last person that you texted my husband. What is one ego responsible action that you take without fail on a daily basis? Composed alive. We'd wasted happening. What is your favorite toe? Stale flavor American panel if anyone dead or alive could play in the movie of your life. Who would you cast yourself in y? Go.

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