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You wanted to prevent cancer easy to several almonds a day what is it about an almond that would do that well I'm is of course have the essential tension there which supports immune system against immune system was the almonds are supporting and they have these natural essential fats in the almonds and of course so that's part of our healthy brain heart back we have what we call the phased which come from seeds and nuts and right and we have the F. A. pluses which are the essential facets come from fish let's go to Marie in Kent Washington west of the Rockies hi Marie welcome to the show Hey George Dahlan yeah I am actually calling for my husband eight year ago contracted shingles on his I was treated for that shingles moved on through his body on the one side of where the highway is also paying a little learning that's right and now two weeks ago he has suddenly become double vision he was treated with the usual pharmaceuticals valaciclovir and various drops on it hi he we eat well we don't you follow doc well X. advice about not using oil we've substituted better we pretty much gone gluten free all the way we've taken supplements all our life okay let me ask you a couple of quick questions how old is your husband seventy one okay now when you say has vision.

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