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And I'm like, you're all for it. So like I'm I'm a heterosexual bail, but I was like, I know exactly what this guy is. I know exactly what director John too is doing because he's so exactly what I felt we've been emasculated for so long and pop culture in in the biggest example to me is Romeo must die with gently and the late Eliya. If you've got a movie in the title character's Romeo who's gently, and you don't even have to of girl like. Like. To me, and that's what I've grown up with. And here's the other thing like there's also a difference between Asian American representation and straight up Asian representation because the people who've grown up in America, they haven't had the same type of experiences say that people like Jackie Chan jet Li, and it's cool that I can see like a face of similar to mine on the big screen, but they're they're doing things in which I can't relate like martial arts and so forth. I having a movie in which people are just doing regular things like that means a lot. You know, here's make a reference to movie. Everybody remembers is with American pie. Remember the the John show character who was the milk guide, you know? Yeah, that was read to see. Telling jokes like this three dimensional aspect. And I think it's been a long time coming for that. And I do think this movie could be a game changer. And the other thing is like, listen, I'm an ESPN ESPN IRS. I know like the audience we're talking to you, but it's one of those things like, okay, this is a rom com. Well, it's like coming to America if we went to the moon to, that's what happens in this movie and pretty mild, it's not sweetened saccharin. Right. Exactly exactly. I, I think there's a lot of relatable elements to it put alternately. It's not so much for me, the movie itself. It's what this movie can represent, and it's not to say it's representing every Asian every Asian St. in this movie is that that's what it's like, what what it means is it's opening the doors for more opportunities to have more diverse stories told. And I think you know, I've lived in Alabama. I've lived in Wyoming where I was the only Asian dude around and they asked people would ask me questions and you would think that they were ignorant questions, but I knew they were. They actually were coming from a very non malicious place. They were legitimate interested questions about my culture in which they just didn't know they've never met anybody Asian. And that's why we get the stereotypes of all. Every Asian dude is great at math and knows kung FU while it's because that's how they've been represented in a lot of times. If you don't have an actual person to talk to, we go off of these stereotypes. Right? Absolutely. I, I completely agree with you. It's it's opening up a ton of. I mean, if you call the Britain, foreign secretary made an awkward debut in China when he was trying to curry favor talking about, whereas wife was from, but actually said the wrong Asian country. So living, if you marry, I guess, Asian woman, you still can't keep it straight. So we got a lot of work to do in this movie, hopefully is going to help change some of that, and I just loved your stories of people want to read them on the undefeated or watch the videos on the defeated, talking about the movie, looking forward to seeing it, and thanks for coming on with me carry. Thanks so much. Appreciate it. Keep grocery of yours..

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