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But when he goes bad, he looks too when I checked in the first half. More than that. And then he had at least one more in the second half. Turnovers. He had three. So everyone just needs to realize two and a half and then one more. You know, you can't you can't put the magnifying glass on every single turnover from Dennis schroder. And so you see, he turns the ball over. Because that's about the two he throws one to the guy who had a bad one potato super Marcus does. I mean, like, Marcus had a couple brutal ones tonight, too. I mean, it's again, it's like they both get a clean up agendas on like just isolating the thing you don't like about the one guy. Yeah, he's had some high turnover games for sure. John, what did you say? What did you say? Yesterday, he's like, if he didn't turn the ball over, he wouldn't have been available to you this awesome. Right, exactly. I mean, that's pretty compelling. Right. So you got to take a couple of awards here. I don't think Schroeder I think that he's more likely to win you a game than lose you a game. Because I don't think I just don't think to turnovers if that's the one knock on him. Or if he has a bad shooting night, like, I don't think his, I don't think this tells you what allow his role to be big enough for them to straight up lose you a game. I'm not saying he might miss a shot at the buzzer and you might lose, but I don't think Dennis Schroeder can kill you the way jaylen Brown or Jayson Tatum can kill you if they just completely shit the bed on any given night. Well, that's the big question, Jimmy. And I asked this today, is he going to keep starting? Because there's a real case here. You know, you blow a game wide open with 38 and you're looking like the lead score many nights. It's a case there to be more prominent than what they're doing here. But it feels like they still want them to be that 6 man. So, you know, touching them. The thing I said about that over the weekend is, you know, and this is where I'm torn on it because I like what he brings, but really the only thing that matters is, does he make the Jays better? Or is the lineup better when he's in it or not? Versus smart, say, you know, if you went back to the original starting lineup, which apparently he may was planning on doing before rob got hurt. So that's what you're kind of, you're looking at smart instructor, right? I'm looking at smart info. But also I'm looking at looking at the pitch. Adjustment Schroeder, how would that look? And right now, Schroeder with Jason or Schroeder with Jalen a Schroeder with both and Marcus with both on their own independently, the numbers don't really tell you a story that makes it clear one is better than the other..

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