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When I went to New York and went on way, he asked me my list and I had to give him, you know, he was like, so who's your top five? And I was like all the time right now. He was like right now. So I did number. Why will be my sign, which is a Lutely loved my time. We are him our political opposites, you would think. But if you listen to the music, his music lines, that will my politics perfectly as just outside activism. That doesn't line up with the politics get what I'm saying. And so the second one idea was d one and McCray which are both Christian rappers, but they're not Christian rappers. They're really really true lyricist, but they're very God Centric God focused in her messaging. So put both of them in the same spot because I love both of them down. Then the third one, I put Jae there because it's j you know what I'm saying? He even know right now. Now, I don't know what kind of midlife crisis is going through. Does that change. It does not change the fact that a lot of who I have become, I started with thoughts that he threw out into the air into the either and from those thoughts, I started to develop philosophies, so j. always has to be on the list. The fourth one I picked was TI because he's the pity me of fall down. Get back up Duda Duda shit with swag. Matter of fact, while you at it and take all of the haters, put them in a corner, put on a suit, walk into your office and become a businessman. Why terms over he's done mine. Exactly. And I'm like, and if that willing to fight for would he believes in literally fight and that is the ramparts point of how tactically operate, then TI will have that. And in my last one was you gotta add you gotta put the sister. And of course my sister was Cardi b. because to watch her or. Love a hip hop to before I knew or ever heard hers spit, a single lyric. I knew she was going to be great, whatever she decided to do and some fray fashioned she was going to be great because she just had that thing about her that made you want to hear from Cardi b. so is is so big mad respect for her and what she's dying and what she's accomplish, not having changed who she is like Nikki had to go and get sexy to sell. Cardi was like, shit. I'm a stripper what this is, what it will. I am a huge difference than she was the person in the past year. Right? Yeah, it was a, yes. Nikki had to change like everything about herself to become the crew. That generally drives artists crazy like about a good decade in and they just feel like they've been lying to themselves so much, and then they go. And a lot of a lot of political pundits to Lord. Nobody budget political do that shit's didn't. I want to say that no one asked you to do it because they have, but it doesn't mean that you have to, you know, strong urge that to, you know what I'm saying? Because everybody has kind of want to fit in and you kinda see what Cardi to like how she acts or Instagram and stuff like that. When people come after her, she acts all super extra offended and hurt like bitch or Cardi b. stopped with that. At some point, you have to accept your own success. Having said that, how many times have you cross me out for like the exact same thing. So like I'm giving advice to Cardi that I myself and as some honor shit. And I matter of fact, I'm pretty sure this point came up for a reason because somebody listening to this podcast needs to hear this..

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