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Charlie from blackberry smoke can fail. A good one coming on. It's the Michael berry show. Thank you black Mary smoke. Bags? Luggage tracks in. Good one. Can we? Stance. I can. Iraq top. Now. Think about that. Yes. In the you know, we hear the Michael berry show believed that it's the end of a long week. Grown ass, man. On top Colby on the drive home. And this week we do so to my congressman turned thirty-five yesterday. Congressman Dan Crenshaw doing a fantastic job. Representing us representing veterans. Representing navy veterans seals. Texans represent tax payers. Presenting freethinking Americans in the United States Congress. Seven. So here's a top pop. Congressman. And if you wanna roll down your window and hold out your thumb of high. In honor of congressman Crenshaw. In honor of your love of this country your pride in our veterans. And our freedom and our opportunity and hold it up high. And if you look around and see somebody else doing the same way, you can check 'em induce, and you'll know that they share your values. Endorphins will be released happiness will ensue. And who knows where it goes from there? Let's go to William emits sippy. William you're on.

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