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Welcome to another edition of HP C you play lower Shahara sear alongside me. Sam crenshaw. Welcome. Leave miss you guys. So glad to be back. And just like every show we begin with this week started lighting. The starting lineup. Starting lineup. Larussa is permanent time the calendars turned over from February to March. Of course, that means March madness and starts with the HP us great tournament time. And of course, the one everyone was looking forward to was the AA tournament taking place up in Charlotte, North Carolina. Yes. And so a lot happening during that tournament Virginia state university. How about them big winners capturing the AA men's basketball championship? They held off a strong second-half rally to defeat the Shah Bayer's seventy seven sixty six did you see this coming Mr. Crenshaw kind of Guida because Virginia state of the of regular season they've been pretty dominant throughout the throughout the season. And you want to see if they can get to the tournament and finished the job. And they got it done. The bears battled to turn a thirty one point second half deficit into. Single digits, but their rally fell short despite a game have thirty four points from their junior. Amir hinton. So even though the bears fell short. They still put on a good show. But ultimately, it wasn't enough in Virginia state took the title for the twenty nineteen central intercollegiate Athletic Association men's basketball championship that happened at spectrum center and congratulations to them. Congratulations to the Trojans. Congratulations to the Trojans. Now, how about on the women's side another school from Virginia Virginia union second consecutive AA women's basketball championship for Virginia union, and they got a big performance from one of their big time players the Rishon ceriga McNeil. She broke the C I AA tournament scoring record with a thirty seven point. Wow. Yes. And again Virginia union winning. Their second consecutive Seattle women's basketball championship with the seventy five forty one win over Fayetteville state. That's that's big big for them their record at twenty seven and two of the year. And they look to probably of locked up the number one seed for Atlantic regional, they will wait to see what happens with them as far as tournaments election. We'll get into that a little bit later on that's coming up in just a day or two, but congratulations to Virginia union. Oh, by the way, McNeil was the women's tournament most valuable player, obviously, obviously. And I want to mention that her thirty seven points brought her tournament total to one hundred and thirty four breaking the record of one hundred and twenty three points set by North Carolina central universities by Jacqueline panics, sit back in nineteen Eighty-four. So yeah. Most valuable player totally understand why that was awarded to her got to see some history may up in Charlotte. The double A tournament. Great time up there in two great champions. Meanwhile, in Birmingham that was more basketball going on. The sl AC holding its annual tournament and the home standing team was the one that would be there at the end. Congratulations to the miles college golden bears. They completed a stunning a one year turnaround and winning the as a C title in front of a big home crowd there. I'm sure everyone was excited. What they had a chance to see when they came to the tournament. They're in Birmingham, LeMoyne Owen is who they dismantled seventy forty six that was the final score during that game. And of course, mouse Melford for their defense, which is sits upon the top in division two implants allow to fill defense definitely on display against the magicians. And they came out successful claiming the title SAC chimps were twenty nineteen. Congratulations to coach Fred Watson. Excellent job. There with the golden bears getting the win like I said huge at home record twenty one in eight. They get the automatic bid for the NCAA division two south regional tournament. Of course, like we said tournaments selection is coming up. We'll find out exactly where they will go and LeBron Harris of miles was the most valuable player of the tournament. You got a big game in the championship in the in the final helping his team get to the championship something that eluded, the golden bears were and just think about this Loretta this goes right along with the football championship that miles one as AC is well the school year. So right now, they're racking up the hardware over in Birmingham. Hey, nothing wrong with bed. Also, little fun note here with the win for mouse. The head coach Fred Watson tied for the most wins by a head coach in his first season at the school, and he took home honors the top coach and the tournament. So he tied with Kirk Patrick for this for the most wins. By a head coach first season at the school. And again, he took home the honors as a top coach in the tournament. So congratulations to coach Watson. Congratulations. Congratulations for the golden bears. Meanwhile, the women's side there in Birmingham. How about the dragons lane college they come through and they win the women's championship beating Kentucky state and there was a tight tight game forty four forty two really close ballgame. But the dragons come out on top. Yes. In a won their first ever as I a c conference championship with the buzzer beater from the senior guard entries McCoy time winding down on the shot clock. She drove down the lane. She was fouled, but threw up a prayer. And it was answered as you said they won forty four forty two. That was big for them to win that one. Like, you said the first time for them. And of course, they they win the conference tournament. Coach, Kimberly Anderson. It is the coach of the tournament. Congratulations to her the work. The team has done. We look forward to seeing them represent the AC now going forward. We find out where everyone goes for the tournament selection for the NCAA division two tournament some more tournament action happening, Mr. Crenshaw, the Gulf Coast athletic conference, Gulf Coast Atlantic conference at their their postseason play down at Jacksonville out of people watching to see what would happen down there and great competition. A lot of people expected a lot from the home standing team it would waters. Edward waters did not come through this one. Instead in the women's. It was Dillard coming through the lady blue devils getting the win. They win the women's conference championship down there. And in the men's championship to glue the BULLDOGS with Mississippi would win that conference championship. So we'll see what happens we see. Those two are in the NASA's will be announced as well. They have a strong team in the men's division of that conference from Talladega. Alabama won over twenty games on twenty four games that are ranked twentieth. In the nation in a division one. We'll see where they get an at large bid into the tournament. Also, maybe the exurbia golden nuggets also their men's team has done. Well, we're watching see what happens as far as those teams and how they go on to represent the Gulf Coast Atlantic conference. What's you quickly transition before we have to wrap up our starting lineup here? There was a very special Nike campaign that came out and honor of women's history month this month, of course, the month of March and featured some well known, Dan. Answers in the HVAC you world, I'm talking about the honeybees of Alabama state university, the Nike campaign just do it featured the dance team. And it talked about dream crazy, which is a campaign. They're highlighting stories of people who achieve things that begin as a highly improbable thought, and I I really enjoyed watching this on Instagram they posted it Nike posted it to their ID TV. And it's it's about five minutes long. But I wanna play a snippet of what you can hear. When you go watch it so go over tonight these Instagram so you can see the story here in see the story of the honeybees these dancers. These are full figured curvy women getting down on the field. And if you know about the honeybees, you know, they get down Crenshaw you can attest to this. Absolutely. You've seen Alabama state's ban. Matter of fact, they got big attention during the tournament of roses. Remember, Alabama state in Florida fans out New Year's day out in Pasadena, California. And yes. The honeybees were front and center they were there with Alabama state marching fan when they perform they put on quite a show. I think the story is an excellent one. And you you get to hear some of them give their thoughts about before becoming honeybees would being a part of it does for them. And what it has done. How it's been. How has been an evolutionary experience for them?.

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