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You're listening to the daily sales tips. Podcast I'm your host Scott Ingram today. Camille Clemens is back with this tip. Today's theme is team with sub-themes of trust and respect we were recently watching a replay of. I can't tell you why during the coverage of the eagles a band that may or may not be known by you an access. Tv You may not be familiar with the eagles. And if you're not I recommend you look them up. I do feel compelled though to discuss the importance of team and the underlying existence of trust and respect co lead singer and frontman. Glenn Fry was an unequivocal master. The same could be said for Don Henley unequivocally Joe Walsh and Tim Schmidt were active participants in the evolution and ultimate success of the Eagles one. Essential Element is required for so many to thrive simultaneously that one thing is respect. Every member had their strength. Every member had their quirk. But that didn't matter because together. They were the eagles. Every team has a magician. Star a nerd if you can find your way of harmonizing and leveraging all the strengths for the good of the deal and then celebrating the team success you will undoubtedly be stronger. That is trust. The value of a team member. Having success cannot be understated when given the chance rise to the occasion. Take your moment trusted. Everyone has something to offer but you have to be willing to step out and do it to know whether or not it will work. This theme to quotes come to mind. One is be you everyone else taken. And what's the worst that could happen throwing on the saxophone every now and then can't hurt right whether we're talking about your internal team in helping someone along.

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