Joe Twenty Twenty, President Trump, Mercy Medical Center discussed on Anderson Cooper 360


Twenty. You've been married twenty eight years that wasn't even legal but then. You are really put me on the spot and if the lights start blinking that's Joe. Not Not not. You can tell the story that you told like mass audiences you don't have to tell the actual store. Often couples have two different stories of like you know how they met. I mean Yeah I met Joe Twenty Twenty eight years ago and I met him August fifteenth and I have never been apart from him from that forward. Just exuded something You know the image I have seared in my head is the second day we gather he's Italian I did not know that at the time and I made him spaghetti which in my world. Is. Boiled Daddy for thirty minutes. Opening. A can of Ragu on anything in the fridge goes into the into the graciously a dinner and. Is. He was leaving I. Don't know that moment. I was really just. South. This attachment to him and I was afraid I would never see him again and the image I have that I hold on my heart all the time is he walked out front door to this crazy old Toyota Corolla that was twenty years old and is he was walking to his car. He just turned around with that big beautiful smile and he said. It's not about worrying Dave I'll see you tomorrow. And he did. And you know. Eight years his time extraordinary but last for every second that I was able to be with that boy. Yeah it's a good person. This anniversary is going to be hard on the fifteenth and I will be thinking of you and. We'll we'll talk again David. Thank you so much I'm I'm so sorry for your lost by really appreciate you sharing some of of your husband with us. I do wondering. I would like to thank the Bennington fire and rescue I would like to thank the southern Vermont. Medical, center for the care that gave me when I was in the ICU. And I would like to thank the Mercy Medical Center especially the sisters of mercy for the Incredible Compassionate Care that their mission. Livers to patients in the city of Baltimore extraordinary and Anderson, thank you for the time in the opportunity on. Thank you, David and My thoughts are with you. Head the president's axios interview, and how there is one way to count their the number of deaths from this virus, and then there is the way that the president prefers to count the deaths. Later. The president is no fan of mail in voter. Mo- mail and voting or of our guest Nevada's governor joins US talk about what he's doing with vote by mail and why it's angered the president. Think about your home for a moment it's where life happens. It's where you build that treehouse. Try that new recipe. It's where you rest and recharge work and play. You expect.

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