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Thank you, sir, voice extraordinaire. I have a quick question for you. If the Democrats think that abortion is acceptable. Do they also think what doctor Kevorkian what he did was legal or illegal? Not the question. What is illegal or not, by the way? This is an excellent question. It is an excellent question. The Democrats at large supported Kevorkian. For those of you, Jack Kevorkian was assisting people in suicide, and in some cases, he was actually facilitating it. And he became he came to star. It was the National Press Club is unseen span. And he was giving detailed justifications for what he was doing. Do. You know, what happens to you? When you die. He would say to an audience, you begin to rot us stink. You become rib pulse of late ugly. He was in Namur of death. The democrat party supports. And it was I believe is their support for abortion, which then made death at the other end of the life spectrum also amenable to them. Assisted suicide. My grim wouldn't wanna live this way. You gotta let me offer. I can't stand working was the guy you went to if you wanted, and what was happening is that people who were not ill who are just depressed. We're going to Kevorkian thing off me is not worth living. And he would do it. And that case it was illegal. And he was charged crackpot lawyer out there. Defending became a civil rights issue. And the democrat party was the party that was defending. And of course, they had their political reasons. The more seasoned citizens who perish the more money. There is in fact, it got capsulated into ObamaCare. That's.

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