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News time 1236. Deputies in Kitsap County are looking into what they call a suspicious death in Silverdale a little before seven o 'clock last night. Family members found a person injured inside a house at 34th and Kensington Lane. It's just east of Central Kitsap High School. The family members called 911, and when Central Kitsap Fire and Rescue got there, they say that person had died. Detectives from the Bremerton Police Department are helping with the investigation. The man arrested for the fatal shooting of a teenager Friday in Everett morning, now held on $5 million bail. He made his first court appearance in Snohomish County on Monday. Snohomish County District Commissioner Jennifer Melantz. There is a likely danger that you will commit a violent crime, that you will seek to intimidate witnesses or otherwise interfere. Every police arrested the 20 year old on Saturday. Court documents said this shooting is the result of gang activity. Governor Inslee made the rounds at a camp cleanup in Myers Way in Seattle on Monday. That encampment was the center of a months long fight between seniors living across the street and people at the encampment and the state. Come before Jeremy Harris has more. How do you break the months long cycle of public safety disaster around these encampments by doing what we're doing? We're making progress on these things. I know that's stunning sometimes to report, but it's true. But meantime, in the for those seniors who've had to live around this for four or five months, the answer is, they're working on it. That was his answer to your question. It's not an adequate answer because it's not a solution. Diane Radishad raised concerns about the camp in the spring. But the process of getting to the table, still major, major problems. She says community shouldn't have to wait months on end for action. You've been the one sounding the alarm. The governor's here. Are you now satisfied? No,

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