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With J B and the guys the NFL today noon Eastern nine. Pacific. The NFL is back Sunday on C. B s. When you're an underdog, you've got to have luck on your side. When you're a big underdog in college football. Gotta have luck. Gotta have balls. And so far, Oregon has both. 4 50 to go. Second quarter The Ducks lead the Buckeyes 14 7. Oregon fourth and one. Inside the Ohio State 20 yard line, They go for it. And Anthony Brown. The quarterbacks find CJ Verdell on a touchdown pass. Uh, speech threw out of the backfield. So Ohio State. The last time they had the ball, they marched right down and scored. Now they're looking to do it again. Here. It's more than two minutes, They got more than enough time. Take the ball, tie the game and go into the half and Ryan Day can say Look, we haven't played our best game. It's the number 12 opponent in the country. This is a team that's better than the team we played last week. Um We've got nowhere, not know where to go with it go but up, but We've played a pretty lousy first half and we're tied with 30 minutes ahead of us like that should be the goal of Ohio State right now, even if they even if they come away with points here, and they trailed 14 10 You know, do something positive before the end of the half to give yourself a reason. To be to give your team a backhanded compliment, really at the half. Oregon has to be thrilled. They had to basically play this game in their pajamas. With a nine a.m. game for them. Pacific time. They don't have the best player in college football. Cavon Thibodeau. That's not my analysis. That's what the NFL draft experts think. They've got the best defensive player in college football watching he's in. He's got sunglasses on. He's watching the game from the sidelines because of an ankle injury so they don't have their version of an Aaron Donald or a Myles Garrett type to blow up the other team's offensive game plan. And they've only given up one scoring drive. They played bend. But don't break defense. That old cliche they've allowed for Ohio State to move the ball into Oregon territory, but they haven't come away with any points. So Ohio State right now is at the Oregon 48 yard line. They've got three minutes and change to try to come away with some points here in salvage the first half. You know the difference between Minnesota and Oregon. If I'm Ohio State is this Oregon is used to winning. Minnesota, even though they had the home crowd behind him, and they've beaten teams like Penn State in Minneapolis. They've won their fair share with P J. Black They, you know they've been David to Goliath before. Minnesota, especially when they're running back on injured reality set in that they weren't they didn't have the same type of the Jimmy and Joe's. Their players didn't line up with Ohio State's Oregon's guys for the most part. You know, you know who they were. They were players. They were guys who sat down in their high school cafeteria or high school gym with Mommy and daddy next to him and their coach, and they had, like six or seven hats in front of them. On, uh, you know, on national signing day. And the logos were. Alabama, Oregon, USC Stanford. Texas. I mean, these are all four and five star guys. There's no intimidation factor there. So Oregon is in position right now to do something that the Pac 12 This is a nirvana feeling for the Pac 12, potentially They went 77 last week. In the first week. College football the Pac 12 1 just as many games as as it lost Its top teams lost, too. Opponents like Utah State and Montana. Now they got else you they got the L S U Win U. C L A s two n o But it's been a long, long time. The Pac 12 is not beaten, the team ranked in the top 10. In nonconference play. I'm not talking about bowl games. I'm talking about regular season games and more than five years, the last time they beat a team ranked this high Ohio State's three I mean, the last time they ranked a team, they beat a team in the top 15. Was four years ago. So this gives the Pac 12 what it would do is if Oregon wins this game. They do us see a favor. They do. Utah favor who plays at BYU tonight. I don't think Arizona State's really it contender and Washington's already lost to Montana, but What they do is they give the Pac 12 They give the Pac 12 breathing room. They would have it would allow for a Pac 12 team to go 12 and one and make it into the playoffs. Because it would be a conference that scored big wins in September, which is something that they haven't done in years. Oregon's played Auburn on a neutral field and lost Washington did the same thing a few years ago. So she is hugely important game for not just the Ducks program at the conference. Alright, Ohio State's going to go for it fourth and two at the Oregon 39 yard line. We'll tell you about that when we come back, I'll also tell you the biggest storylines in week one of the NFL when I think Uh, well, I'll tell you now. Oregon just stopped him. Penny Souls brother stepped in and made the play Holy crap. I'm telling you with Ohio State. How long do you stay with Stroud? If you can't score with the with these weapons I would think about a quarterback change 855 to 1 to 4 to 27 is the number you can follow me on Twitter at the Pony Express Pony spelled P O N I. Now it's time for the latest sports Update with Eric Herskowitz. See me? Yes. For sports flag. Alright, Andrew, this report.

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