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You go out in the woods today you are show off or a big surprise. I'm always one for spending time out in nature and enjoying the wilderness. But you always have to be a little bit careful of where you go when you get up to. And that's the theme of tonight's fantastic story. Nowhere near as gruesome as the one. I told you on monday just the same now. My dear friends. I think you know what time it is. It's hump day so please sit back and relax with your favorite drink is. It's time to listen to down here. In the south riding horses is still a fairly popular amongst many. There are many different types of writing. But i've always been keen to trail ride myself. Shell writing is just what it says. It is riding your horse through trails in the woods. Mountains hills and hollows as anyone from around here. Tennessee would tell you it gets hotter than the devils not sack especially during the summer months that is to say when summertime trail riding takes place at night often we wait until full to begin writing because the weather makes it easier but during the summer we ride these rights are always time and a half as usually just a small group of us get together we all gather at the edge of the woods find the trail head from that we set out together for a long night of trout writing through some of the south's last uncivilized land. This particular story and ride took place in august three years. My father and i met up with our friends. Jr and h apm at a place known to the locals as galley hill. It has this name because the trail head is behind the galley hill. Church of christ and cemetry. Yeah i know it sounds bad already but this has been the only trail to this ride for as long as i can remember and it's never cost any sort of problems so like i said we set off for a long night of horseriding and for everyone but me a long night of drinking. I never drank when we rode. Because i wasn't of age and i was our designated driver. I'm aware this all may sound very dangerous. So even strange. But i assure you it's not at least not to us gilly hale is full of well-traveled trails during the winter but during the summer people don't write as much. The trials grow up making it easy to get lost or at least turned around halsey smarter than most folk given credit follow. They have a tremendous sense of direction and can see well at night. The only problem with horses being able to see at night is that in all for them to maintain their vision. It needs to remain. This leaves you without anything to improve your own vision while you ride a thousand pound animal and the duck who the middle of a wooded. No the only exception to this one may use a dim light with a red bulb and redlands for whatever reason which. I'm sure someone hit and explain. These lights won't make your night blind weakland aside from that and the only light we have come from the glow sticks. Everyone ties to the front and back of their saddles. So we can keep up each other easily anyway back to that. All night house came and went with nothing out of the ordinary happening as we wrote and covered a lot of ground constantly putting more distance between us and the whole trailers. I guess. It was around midnight when i made the comment that i was hungry and brought food to cook implying. I wanted to stop for more than just a few minutes to build a fire and eat unsurprisingly. I was not the only hungary one because we immediately stopped him. Within a few minutes had fire roaring and hotdogs roasting when we stop period of time we would always tie horses to trees in a circle and gathering the middle to do our thing. This was done especially at night for more than one reason. I because everyone to relax a little as we could all keep an eye on the horses together and made sure they didn't run all this had happened before and it's nearly impossible to catch a wild in the woods at night. The second reason is because host is a very large animals have superb hearing by having them form circle around us. It served as a natural to any unwanted visitors. Viewing are not after all. We were in the middle of nowhere in the woods at night. The horses formed a circle and inside the circle. We all sat by our fire eating drinking. When carrying i suddenly had the urge to piss so i stood up and walked. Had a few yards to the other side of my horse to go.

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