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Regan's is up in the sun once again of a major leaguers gotten to the big leagues great story recently i was looking arguably going into this season the three best offense of prospects in the minor leagues were all vlad guerrero junior fernando tt's junior and boba shed dante's son you know there's plenty of this going around and i think more and more as the game has become such big business with so much media and social media going on i think the guys the young players who have been around major league clubhouses growing up just get a sense of what it's like get a feel for it they have such an advantage over so many other kids coming into in organized baseball professional baseball puts him way ahead way actually i tell you a funny story years ago the texas rangers did a great tv advertising campaign with the there was a young girl she's probably seven eight years old at the time the name was molly cute pigtails the whole thing she has to do these things where she'd she'd play video games on the scoreboard with the players she she'd interview umpires trying to learn how to make a strike call one day on the derwent barrel the late were romero who live down in the dallas area was the guy she was talking to you and she pulls out an eye chart at the last second says so what's the strikes i'm going to be tonight but if he was such a popular figure doing their commercials pudge rodriguez once told me that his son derek who probably was i don't know six seven at the time said dad i want that girl come to my birthday party he had to call the rangers find out who this girl was did their commercials tracker down so he can invited to a birthday party i love that's a good one well next time i see derek rodriguez for definitely gonna have to ask if she actually got there to the repertoire paul let's take a break and we'll come back on and talk a little american league with you and we'll do that right after.

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