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Is that Ravlic even being was like looking at this. I was like, oh, yeah. No problem. And then we got him. He he's like, do you are you? Sure, you're good with that. And I'm like, oh you over get an if I guess, well, usually you don't have to work as a guest guest like this. It's so such a great idea than just let them up on the podcasts. Associated here for just five nine to blast. I love being able to go ham on someone serious podcast. So we're the trunk and is that just like the businessman family or something like what's the opposite of drunk at? No, no, that's like me. I'm at the family reunion, like going on this podcast is when you have to interact with the rest of the family and their God who invited her here. Right. But I wrote free this trying to sober up a little bit like keep the sunglasses on the high thing and all that stuff drunk end doesn't care. It's like the rest of the family is like oh my God. Like, why should you? But it's not me. It's like our podcast. We're the. Yeah. The park is. Of course, you're not. You're not. Also, Brian rob rated your Twitter handle. So you should listen to the podcast. Oh boy. You know? It's actually really funny. I did listen to listen to the last ten minutes because I landed off my flight, and I just haven't listened. I have to go back. Yeah. He still thought you were at the bus drivers route. 'cause I we were talking about Twitter Twitter handle rankings and. And because like, that's what you do when you're on the rivalry talking about Twitter handles. And we talked about Adams Twitter handle, and he was like, oh, that's a good one. And I was like you're not gonna like Brian's. He's like all right. The bus driver. Oh, we see those my name that halts. Well, he knew your Twitter handle which apparently is criteria for rob to like your Twitter handle the reason that spoiler alert. My Twitter handle is not a ten out of ten is. Because he couldn't remember whether or not headed underscore. I. That was my problem. Well, Bryan calling him show him. So I'm sorry. That's not a unique name in the world. I do wonder we did. I did. I did say that. I do wonder if bus drivers route because it's memorable gets a high-ranking Rob's mind. Then Cohen Ryan underscore. I didn't ask through the comparison. Well to do a follow up. Probably never but live everybody guests like to last, you know, like the last time problem nightmare back. We'll be back for episode night heen, which.

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