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Connected. Stay informed the coma. Morning News Saito to right now. And thanks for starting Monday morning, along with us here on the comb. Oh. Morning News. It's 45 degrees in Seattle right now. With Greg Herschel time Manda factor here. The top stories from the coma. 24 7 News Center. The State Health Department reported some new covert numbers yesterday after not being able to on Saturday because of a computer problem. The latest count features more than 1800 new cases, the agency warns. Numbers won't be reported it again today because it's a holiday. Well, the covert 19 very into that's closed. Much of the UK is now here in the Pacific Northwest. Almost Brian Calvert tells us we haven't least one confirmed case. The announcement was made over the weekend. The covert variant is here with a confirmed case in Oregon. This strain of covert spreads much faster. Staff member at the University of Portland is said to be the first known victim. Although Dr Carlos Christmases many more here in our region could have this, and if you're getting a test, you might get a false negative because these new variant is not updated in the testing that we're doing now some test labs and now updating to detect this variant. Others have not done so meaning someone could have this but received a false negative and is back out there in public spreading it unknowingly. As for the man in Oregon, with our first confirmed case, as far as where he may have actually contracted it that is still being being looked at. Michael Dwelling is a spokesperson for the U of P and says so far, the man has not experienced anything severe. Brian Calvert, Camo News Emergency Room nurse in Seattle, is accusing a Seattle police officer of refusing to wear a mask inside her hospital. What else to do so? Director of Seattle's Office of Police Accountability, says the matter's being investigated and findings will be issued on an expedited timeline. The Opa has not named the officer nor the hospital where the alleged incident happened. Governor Jay is, Lee says all eight regions of our state will remain in phase one of his healthy Washington reopening planet, least for another week. The Snohomish County executive Dave Summer, says. If things get better in his county, he may ask to be excluded from the region that includes King and Pierce counties. But Katie Curtis with the Snohomish Health District says it makes sense to have the county's group together. One of our hospital systems are kind of spanning across those county Porter's anyway, so, spokesperson for Snohomish County says based on the current projections. County will probably run out of doses of the Corona virus vaccine before the end of next week. Coming up on the coma morning news automatically restoring voting rights for convicted felons once they're out of custody. I'm Carleen Johnson. The new legislation in Olympia Local Motors Tomato four. Traffic and weather every 10 minutes on the forest from the Dubin Law Group Traffic Center, and here's Tammy Bennett. Thanks break. Finally, this reckon Lacey is off of the roadway. So westbound 5 10 between Pacific and Marvin Road is open and moving at the speed limit. So now I turn to South Center. We've gotta wreck blocking the right lane of south bound four or five at South Center Boulevard. And a little bit of a backup. Starting to stack up behind it. We've got one on the shoulder South bound. Four or five approaching North East, fourth in Bellevue. And in Seattle. Traffic lights not working on 5 to 2 between Northeast 1/10 and 1/20..

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