Baxter, Pedro Martinez, Baseball discussed on Baseball Tonight with Buster Olney - No Take-Backs?: 6/6/17


To sir is that with baxter's or like when you brought up that note i thought you know what i see that that's completely out of the realm of possibility it it feels like going into gave you the going to get a no hitter alert or maybe he's going to rack up that many strikeouts exactly i mean it was just a year ago the twenty strike up though very doable from acts sara thanks for doing this great to talk with you thanks for having me on monday night pedro martinez raised a lot of eyebrows with a couple of tweets that he sent out the first one said this big papi is working out and i know he isn't baseball's shape and the red sox could use a bit of his bat and of course that got a lot of response because people wandering was he suggesting the david ortiz is making a comeback l little while after that pater sent out another tweet saying i didn't say david is making a comeback i said david is in baseball shape because he works out and the team could use a swing or to now recently we had david ortiz on the podcasting talked about how pedro martinez has been working them all winter ended the spring and even recently about coming out of retirement give a listen is david laps through his explanation prado a man you know all bear go away the you know and love the the voter love you know the cubans through the wall i say we're gonna bad enough you always want to see the organization but uh well so you feel like i'm a big cloud over you'll like i love the tank but like i told you know i i i've online i make my decision i would love to go through the plan but i will suffering too much.

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