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Will be another marathon night at the Senate impeachment trial trial adjourned until one PM Thursday January twenty third Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell bringing a close to the day after seven hours and forty two minutes as house managers made their case against president trump one of them Congress in chasing Crowe discuss the heart of the case the president's July phone call with his Ukrainian counterpart just hours after his call his administration was quietly placing in a legal hold on critical military aid to support our friends president trump his lawyers maintain he did nothing wrong in that call at least one person is dead several others were hurt in a shooting in downtown Seattle a law enforcement source tells ABC the motive is possibly gang related police say they're looking for multiple shooters the World Health Organization will continue meetings on whether to cook to declare corona virus a global health emergency to blame for seventeen deaths and sickened hundreds of others Brian Clark ABC news and I heart radio station news ninety three point one KFBK I'm Joe Michael's muse ninety three point one K. F. because a a Sacramento judges rejected a request to delay a preliminary hearing in the case against the suspected Golden State killer Sacramento Superior Court judge Steve white setting may twelfth as the day Joseph deangelo will return to court this is not an easy call I respect that the defense is working very hard on this the people however are entitled to bring this to a preliminary hearing judge white declining to give attorneys representing deangelo until the end of the year to prepare their defense against accusations the seventy four year old former police officer killed thirteen people and kidnapped and robbed thirteen more Sacramento mayor Gerald Steinberg is now supporting Joe Biden in the twenty twenty democratic primary Steinberg saying he thinks the former vice president has the best chance to be president trump in states the Democrats lost during the presidential election of twenty sixteen Steinberg had originally endorsed California senator Kamel Harris that began looking elsewhere after she dropped out of the race last month the Oakland Raiders are now officially the Los Vegas raiders the raiders were born in Oakland and played thirteen seasons in LA both cities will always be part of our DNA but today we begin a new chapter we are now the Las Vegas raiders team owner mark Davis making the announcement at a press conference.

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