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Today i wasn't at the game last night can i play that instead of erica jane i wasn't result is talk when he went all the morning shows with his angels for this performance and it was like why are we why are we doing this like were evil people for for putting him on the morning shows because clearly it's just a sick like period let's see how far he's fallen kind of thing a friend of mine who actually helped he's an investor mind his name's brian mcmillan and he was on the phone with me i was all depressed and i was crying and he said think of it this way when kids i started when eminem i started winner von i started they all got hate people were turning them off at the radio stations people were walking off the dance floor the clubs because it didn't make sense to them at that time but those all became amazing legend komo news legality l different that's for sure i'm inspired to go for it i'm going for it okay nick quick update on what's going on with our attempts to get corey feldman here michelle and i have been reaching out i haven't heard anything today.

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