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This is Minnesota's most trusted station for news overcast fifty three degrees now it's six oh three I'm Steve Sampson as you know the stay at home order will expire Sunday here in Minnesota but restrictions for physical distancing working from home if possible and wearing masks will continue governor walls announcing last night that he'll dial it back if he sees a spike in cases retailers can open a fifty percent gathering should be ten or fewer the stay at home orders expiring and the dials are turning but that doesn't mean more carefree and can return to the way things work it means we have to stay safe take care care for our own health and care for your neighbor wall says the administration is developing a plan for restaurants salons and gyms to likely open by June first Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka praising the announcement as quote really good news he says he has every confidence Minnesotans will follow guidelines to prevent the spread retailers as we mentioned it opened at fifty percent and gatherings ten or fewer are slow Martin reports that some have reservations dolls in legislative leader saying it's now up to Minnesotans to stop the spread by working from home if possible physical distancing and wearing masks Minnesota nurses association is dismayed by the announcement saying in a statement that some hospitals are still dangerously rationing PP what we look at is if we're able to remit the things with the turn down of the dial if we hit certain numbers and are in one of those it could be so I just wanna be clear I do not dispute the nurses who are deeply concerned that were on the edge on this we are talking to the individual hospitals and it tends to be you know not all hospitals are created equal and I hear this the C. at home order started March twenty seven to allow the state to collect a critical care reserves and expand hospital in ICU capacity in the south metro Sloan Martin he's talking threo WCCO much more reaction to the guy Werner's decision throughout the morning with Dave Lee and at seven twenty the governor first interview since the announcement last night governor walls at seven twenty here in the morning news show here on WCCO radio also on the radio dot com app and on your smart speaker of choice of course a different set of events in Wisconsin yesterday with that state's Supreme Court as you just heard struck down the governor stay at home order there didn't take long for some Wisconsin bars to reopen following that decision aiding Kruger visited one in west Allis kind of boring sitting in my house I love my fiance but there's only so much you can handle each other without having interactions Huber's predicts the.

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