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The nhl goats when your review journal golden knights beat writers. Joining me on the other line is my colleague. David james dave. How's it going ma'am good. How few days off To use chandler stevenson's phrase recharge the batteries. So you know all sat raring to go. Let's Through the home. Stretch here right yet. Batteries are definitely amped up for the night's final nine games of the regular season. We're of course going to discuss what those games mean and how the night's are approaching them on this episode as well as a significant office topic developed a last week Right after we recorded last episode. because of course that's how it goes up before we get to all of that. I wanna remind everyone that. The golden niche podcast is sponsored by one hour air conditioning and heating. We are also presented by a blue wire podcasts. And of course as always if you guys could check out all are written work at review journal dot com that would be much appreciated and if you could rate reviews subscribe. Whatever you to podcasts. Please do this one. We would very much appreciate it. Sort of dive right into everything as i said something kind of major happened last week i think the day we recorded last we did in the morning went to the next morning skate. And after the knights morning scape was over a golden knights goaltender. Robin leonard gave a passionate unprompted speech on zoom call with media where he criticized the nhl in the nhl players association's approach to vaccinations in covid nineteen restrictions. A he basically accused there. Those two entities of kind of telling the players to get vaccinated because they would then ease restrictions for guys who got it so For those of you who can't quite recall or don't remember players are living under very strict guidelines. Right now you basically are only allowed to be at home at the rank or if you're on the road in your hotel room unless something crazy comes up like a family emergency or things like that. There's very little that these guys can do Even if there are two weeks out from their second vaccination dose or you know a couple weeks out from their one if they got johnson and johnson basically So leonard said after the nets were able to get the vaccine. The nhl nhl. Pa went back on their word instead. Restrictions would not be changing which is ultimately. You know what prompted to speak out. It's worth knowing that. The nhl specifically deputy commissioner bill. Daly have died that any promises were made to players. It's also worth noting that knights captain mark stone who is an alternate. Pa rep for the team kind of avoided answering the question when he was asked if he had the same feeling as leonard those two entities went back on their word so he specifically kind of avoided answering that question and sharks captain low in qatar. Who was also an alternate. Pa rep for his team. Said loosening restrictions talked about in a general sense earlier in the year but he hadn't heard of kind of specifics lately. The other big branch of leonard's argument besides the fact that he felt he was lied to. Is that by not loosening the protocols he said the excuse he was given was that the nhl nhl pa didn't want to create a competitive advantage. Where some teams have more freedom than others and maybe that affects things on the ice and lennar bay said. That's not right. You should be looking out for player mental health because us being kind of cooped up and not allowed to do so much has really affected a lot of guys. You know mental and emotional health. He took a lot of character mentioned. How difficult living in the bubble was last postseason. Where guys are kinda stuck in the same spot for months on end in how you know not being allowed to leave your hotel room except to go to the rink really is so yeah. This created a quite a story. A continued friday when you know like the nhl obviously denied that any promises were made and lennar posted. A picture of the nba's vaccinated protocols on twitter because part of his speech was saying. Hey we've gone over. As with the pa the nba's protocols basically it like outline of like hey. This could be kind of what we're looking to do. And so he posted a screenshot on twitter with the caption. I just make things up. I guess obviously that is kind of his way of saying like. Hey these talks that happen. And he's trying to provide evidence for that a lot going on and it's a lot to digest and there's a lot to process and think about and there's so many layers in nuances to this topic So dave just in general when you're kind of sitting on zoom call as i was and robin lehner starts what ended up being kind of an eleven minute speech on all this. What do you make of. This situation will first off good on him for standing up and speaking out if he felt like. That's what he needed to do. You know. I mean if t felt like there was an issue he was obviously passionate about it clearly the mental health side of everything and his wanting to get back to normal basically four for his mental health for what he feels like for other people's mental health that that was i think a lot of where he was coming from. Where this all stemmed from I'm always careful insensitive to the topic of talked about this before you know. It certainly hits home for me. i don't want to say the wrong thing with anything regarding leonard. But clearly he was at his wit's end she was she out his breaking point and needed something to come out and make it public in in the one thing that we know about robin lehner throughout his career. You know in ottawa buffalo new york chicago to some extent here. He's not afraid to speak out is not afraid to call people institutions entities out. If he feels like you know they're not doing you know not doing their job or they're not performing up to standard or their aunt meeting the expectations that that he thinks they should be meeting. Whatever it might be you know the media. Ask a poor question. He'll push back. He's just you know that's his personality. And so in that regard if he felt like he was the one that needed to speak out on him. I believe in. I also believe the nhl that they didn't promise anything but there was something there. Some kind of disconnect here. I think that's the issue like who said what. Where did it come from. Came from somewhere now. I don't understand quite how you know the smoking gun in all this is robin. Lehner like posting the nba's protocols like i don't think there's any doubt that like some of this stuff was talked about in like whatever you know but it's just who and where and when and why. And how did robin lehner get seemingly the impression that if he took a vaccination which he made very clear he didn't want to take you know under normal. Circumstances are all things being equal. He did it for what he thought was going to be personal freedom and being able to get out of his house and get out of the hotel and all those sorts of things. Nobody else seems to be like saying that are under that impression. So why is robin lehner. Like the only one or the only one speaking out of these you know. Like where is the disconnect. What that that's the mystery. And all this that i haven't heard from the nfl pa or the team. And what. I thought was interesting from the team. Perspective is.

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