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You know they both their coaches now don't have to fake it with either team. You know, there's not something like saving this week. Try and, uh, you know, convinced his team that they're not that good. Even though they blew out the number 14 team in the country. Oregon was tied with Fresno State in the second half. In Ohio State trailed at halftime, So it's not just the opponent that gets, you know, obviously play another right team. It gets your team's attention, bill. But like there's both real reason for both of these coaches to have these teams grounded and remind them that they're not that good. Yeah, I think that that's true. I think either the faster you can kind of learn what you have, and that goes for the coaches and the players to could like we talked about earlier. I did a lot of young guys who were experiencing but basically experiencing college football at its highest level for the first time last week. Now they know what it's like. Right. Brian David is like 10 different times as in practice as much as you want. You can watch as much film as you want, but you don't know what it's actually like until you get on the field for a game and and it's to their benefit that they got on the field for the game. In a game where they didn't play well, they would have lost. So so I do think you're right. I think I think there's not many like sleepwalking into the skin. And I think if you look around the country, for instance, like Michigan's playing Washington Michigan kicked the crap out of western Michigan last week, and I'm sure they're feeling really good about themselves. But I don't know how much of that was real, right? That would be like a little nervous if I was Michigan or Michigan tangling. Absolutely, because you know Washington to just lost to Montana and Right now. They're probably thinking like, okay like this was devastating loss, but we got a chance to make up for and win this game on Saturday. Um, who do you think the game is more important to who do you think needs? This needs a win here more Oregon or Ohio State Bill. Oregon. I think the Pac 12 needs and then Oregon is sort of the Pac 12 champion this week. I think it's a game where and we've seen it actually happened with Ohio State in the past. Ohio State loses this game for whatever reason. I don't think it's what happened, but it's possible if you were to lose that game. They could just bounce back when the rest of the games when the big 10 and cost for football when they got beat by Oklahoma, right and Mayfield, you know, put the flag down or whatever. That's what you're talking about. 2014. They lost Virginia Tech. Yeah, right. So? So it's not to say that like if Ohio State loses whatever it's okay like Obviously, you'll dissect that and figure out what's wrong. It was their season long problems, but I think in terms of like narrative and momentum and stuff like that The Pac 12 really needs a game like this, like they have become such an afterthought among the power conferences. Um and we have a little different because the big 12 it's kind of getting blown up. But even with that, like, I don't think there's much respect for the past 12 nationally. Where do I think they deserve? Recommend not played well or competed well against the major conferences when they get there so before going to come to Columbus and win this game, I think that would be a nice feather in the cap for not only that program, but I think is on the up a little bit on the merrier. Crystal ball, but also for a conference that need to get something back. They've won two straight Pac 12 titles, and they're really a fairly anonymous team. You know what I mean? Bill like when they had Chip Kelly, and they went to a national championship game, they played Ohio State so You know, they were obviously way more in the public spotlight. They also went to. They also played Auburn and lost in the championships. They were truly a great team, but they were synonymous with something you know they played faster. Than anybody in college football. They wore the funky uniforms. They tried to score. 70 points a game like you knew it. Oregon's identity was I have no Mario Crystal by that name has been around college football for like 20 years, But I have no clue who Oregon's trying to be. You know, you had to pay attention to them a lot more than I have this week. But like, I don't know what their team DNA is. You know what I mean? Yeah, I don't know if I have a good feel for that, either. It's funny like we were. We were in Ryan based press conference this week. And part of it, I guess is because Ryan has some connection. The chip Kelly being beaten was Ryan, College coordinator, right? But there were a lot of questions about what Chip Kelly's Oregon this week and I think to myself like why are we been asking this? Because this is not that thing program? We're not that far from took Kelly today, but this is not the same program there. They They need to miss that phone the way I think promoting Mark Helfrich and then hiring. Really, tiger. Um, I think set them back quite a bit. And I like what Mario Crystal ball is doing there. He recruits really well, if you look at the talent readings that just sort of measure recruiting stars basically in higher roster set up, we're going top 10. Nationally and like composite talent. They have five star prospect, especially on the defensive side of the ball. But this is not the fast paced, high flying. What is this? Like revolutionary offense kind of deal The chip Kelly had going on there. I think they're very much trying to figure out what they want to be offensively defensively. There's a little bit better of an idea, and that's the place of a lot of speed in place really aggressively. But the offense doesn't seem to kind of match that mentality. And it's a little odd to kind of think of a defense. First Oregon program after which have Kelly Gilbert totally agree. Do you feel like right now, based on one week of data watching the Big 10 last Saturday going into today? Do you feel right now like this will be Ohio State's biggest test and toughest game this year. Um No, maybe not possibly which one. It was kind of a cop out. I'm curious about Penn State. I thought Penn State's defense would really good on the road against Wisconsin in the first week, and that's a team that's also trying to figure out figure itself out offensively, and I do think it has Relatively low offensive feeling because I just don't think their quarterbacks particularly good,.

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