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Was this tonight here in the big twelve blow out for the horned frogs up by twenty eight on West Virginia seventy nine fifty one right now with seven fifty eight to get to go with escape. Tonight's game. Brought to you in part by ballot. Supporting the TCU horn, frogs spirit suicide one hundred seven year history of outstanding customer service. Exotic lineup of vehicles, including a new few expecting Soule affinity for Sewell obsessed with service. Nineteen eleven. Bras, continued to court on Brian forty nine percent from the floor here. The game. Fifty two percent had twenty six points in the paint Twenty-three off turnovers by TCU Latin Mayan now to inbound stuff so to Kendrick Davis. Davis with it gives it off to. What were the whole the dribble in traffic to the lane puts it up off the class scores. Watch got a dozen. Thirty one and how many times of the frogs gap. The the night on Ryan just delaying West Virginia. Thirty point lead again quick hitter here for Culver dabbled, obtain scores. It. Annotate he wants to three cover coming alive a little bit here in the second half pressure to backward, lack Mayan double team now in the court ball stripped away, take it away in West Virginia will claiming folded back. The other way is Mayan west get tangled up quickly runner here for Harvard scores. Parlor the bulk here that's his first two. They get it across the quad Noah quickly the mind left alone. Fires of three. Got. Trying to get their project light just seven guys. Third three of the game. Eighty four fifty five now. Six forty eight to go. Parlor, we're gonna frontal Kendrick Davis. All victims now called her works of Samuel heart of the lane hanging out their courses, it up draws contact here and a foul frogs. You figured he's going to get one sooner or later twist and turn in. That one. Kevin samuel. Timeout. They could beat. Six thirty six to go. Eighty four fifty five right now TCU Emily's Michael come into this local time out of the TCU sports network for my. You knew the risks when you decided to drive drunk there could be a crash people could get hurt or killed. But that didn't stop you. Did it you knew you could get arrested, you can incur huge legal expenses, and you could possibly even lose your job you well aware of the consequences of driving drunk. But one thing's for sure you were wrong when you said, it was no big deal. Drive sober or get pulled over. This message. Brought to you by nitsa. Car crashes? Don't happen in slow. They happen fast.

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