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Heads were pointing out. please. Take a close look here president mass size got masks on everybody in the vehicle. So they're protected right? That's what we've been told that turn your mask. You're fine. So fine. The patient president trump is wearing a mask service agent masks there should be no issue of. SUV hermetically sealed. So. Okay. So I've been told that masks stop bullets apparently freight. That's So Dr James. Phillips. Are you saying masks don't work what he saves? You're saying? That's a good catch by pat heads all over the place. Yeah. he he was wearing a mask and so were the agents. So what are you crying about? Can't win. Win. You just can't win. If. You'RE DONALD TRUMP. You can't win with the left but of course, according to Michael Moore, he didn't even have it. Michael Moore says, is quote lying about having covid nineteen to gain sympathy? Democrats liberals the media and others have always been wrong to simply treat him as a buffoon in a dummy and a jackass. Yes he is all those things. But. He's also canny He's he's canny. This entire thing is a quote from uncle more star either you're a buffoon and a dummy or your candy you can't be all three. I'm sorry. He's clever. So he's clever and canny and a dummy and a buffoon. Yeah, that's bizarre Michael. He outfox Komi he ought Fox Mueller Muller He outfoxed twenty Republicans of the GOP primary in that did the same to the Democrats winning the white. House. Receiving fewer votes than his opponent. He's an evil genius Oh. Now he is canny. Clever. A genius. And a dummy in buffoon. Wow. Got, these people so twisted up. Exactly, the can't even make sense that that I think is is trump's big string. So great that the first time in my lifetime there's somebody that lives rent-free in the heads of liberals no, kidding. Yes. Yes. And and who plays their game better than they do know. I love it. They've met their match man. He's an evil genius and I raised the possibility of him lying about having covid nineteen to prepare US and counter act his game he knows being sick tends to gain one sympathy. He's not above weaponising this. He's losing the election and he knows it. It's not two thousand sixteen. He was hated in two thousand sixteen but he's hated even more now millions of Americans are on fire and on the verge of serving him up a major league, ass whooping and a record landslide defeat. So. He needs badly to totally change the conversation about this campaign. And he just has. Being the canny. Clever. Genius who is also a dummy and a buffoon. A lot of stuff I mean you're smart like that. Yeah. I. Think it hurts him no more than anything right I think Y- Yes having covid nineteen. Yes. Because of everything he said about it up to this point and he's kind of tried to you know minimize it so that there wasn't panic in the country. And is shown up at an awful lot of places not wearing a mask and that plays right in to their mass hysteria. So that's that's all that he would accomplish is for them to say see we told you should have been wearing a mask all this time and you wouldn't so I yeah I think it hurts him more than helps. Because sympathy as he can gain, he's looking game anybody on the left the little care. who was it that wished he in fact they? came out and said, they hope he dies. So many I've got that. Yeah. It's an Obama staffer who was also Hillary's national spokesperson. her name is zero regime and she wrote on twitter. I hope he dies. I mean. How despicable is that? He even Piers Morgan jumped into comment on that calling it shocking and shameful. Now. Peers had been a supporter of president for a while and then kind of lost him seems like kind of not as much after covid nineteen he didn't like the he was handling that and now he's You know they're so they're so out rage though they tend to push you back toward him. Even if you've even if he he lost you for a while the left will push right back toward him. So that was the thought from. Zero. Rahim I. Hope he dies. Isn't that beautiful? That's lovely. Thank you for your loving inclusion and your tolerance and. And just real. Beautiful sympathy on the left majority Piers Morgan called them out just said you guys are no better than this man that you loath yeah. If you right in doing to wish him ill. All right. Let me take sixty seconds to tell you about I. Target Pro innocent people are falling victim to crime right now intimidation and forced to fend for themselves because Democrats left or successfully defunding the police. When the government can't or won't protect your family self defense is the only option. Thankfully, we still do have that right in the United States of America, but most of us don't have time to consistently train plus ammo is really expensive if you can even find it. I mean you got to be standing there at Cabela's win the truck rolls in and even then you might be out of luck depending on how long the line is. That's why I target pro was invented using their proprietary APP and laser bullet..

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