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One two three three two three seven seven six. Dan, doc. It's my guy from Indianapolis. Former Indiana Hoosier killing it in India and also all over the college basketball world joins me now because Chuck Pagano is now the bears defensive coordinator former colts head coach, Danny boy what's going on kit. Apple app. You caught me in the middle of a workout listening to a oh little no vacillating by my man, I cube and I'm in good shape. I'm brothers role. Thanks nice. Love it. So Chuck Pagano is our guy. Should we be fired up? I mean, I hate to say it, but great guy number number one all time. Great guy, never really built a defense your cap, and quite frankly that was very disappointing because he came with the defensive background. He came with as a guy that you know, with the ravens was a defensive guy never built it here. Very conservative. I don't think his blitz rates are anything special. I think that with the talent that they have very it'll be a good defense. No matter who's there, but four cliches I'll be interested a year from now what people think you're going to hear chopping wood building the monster iron sharpens iron. And every silly coaching increase say the pig is more invested all this kind of silly stuff. Biggest never built a defense here. He he just never did. And he went through coordinator's three four defense kind of basic always talked about when they got a new coordinator with him together. They were gonna put this blitzing together and be aggressive and usually they were a little bit preseason. And then it all went away. No. I mean, I not just I like Chuck a lot Chuck was great. But if you're gonna if I'm gonna come on your show, I gotta be honest and the defensive schemes we're called high school by guys a coach longtime in the NFL that a friend of mine, and it was disappointing. Okay. When he is that on him. Or is that on the GM that you had at the time who wasn't bringing in the talent. Or was he given talent and did a poor job with it. Well, I think it's both. I don't think there's any question. But here's the one thing that again, people that I trust have always said tap, the nobody got better. And it was amazing this year. We've talked about all the time with every single person around here that had coached with the colts over the years. And you know, how guys got better this year? This the seer on the corner. Kenny more all that kind of stuff. But we got better under Chuck. I'm not saying it's all on Chuck look he's the head coach he's not defensive coordinator. And he wasn't the GM. And you can certainly the narrative is correction didn't bring him any talent. And that's whether that's true or not who knows. But I do know. This guy's just did not get better. And there was nothing. Interesting. You know, but, but let's be honest. You got talent right there. I mean, you got you got you got Wilbur Marshall one two and three. I mean, you got guys. Yep. So you know, I'm sure it'll be a good defense. But I'm just telling you history. I'm just giving you the history here. And I as I say. Said I really really liked Chuck if you don't like, Chuck that's on you. But it was disappointing. Defensively. It really was the reason that the colts have turn this thing around as quickly as they did is why. Well, I think Andrew lucked being back, and I think to really good draft choices change the interior culture. Like Chuck had no accountability. And Chuck in your, you know, it goes cab. You coats, things always come out after the fact I like playing for. But then all of a sudden it's like where it's great to have accountability in the locker room. It's great that we hit in preseason. But the but the GM here Chris Ballard brought in two guys quitting Nelson. Who is first team? All pro apparently, you know as a guard at six picking a draft people criticize them in various Leonard who probably be the defensive rookie of the year. Copy. They changed the cut the culture to toughness, and again, I go back to pick out. That's where people were most disappointed. There wasn't really a toughness element tackling was back. 'cause apparently, you know Chuck didn't wanna hitting the preseason. He didn't wanna hit it hardly ever. He was really coddling up the players, and again cap, you know, this when you coach once a guy leaves man everybody then wants to talk, right? So now, all of a sudden you here man, so nice that we worked on our technique. It's so nice. If this year we worked on tackling, blah, blah, blah, blah. And that was kind of an indictment on shock, quite frankly. And whoever he brought in as defensive coordinator with them because I think he went through three. In looking at your colts team. I know they started off slow but boil boy today get rolling then ran into a buzzsaw the other day looking back at Saturday's game. Are you Dan dockage surprised it went down like that? Or now, they ran out of gas in DC ran up against a really good team. No, I'm surprised, and I'm gonna say this on my show coming up to twenty twenty five minutes, my listeners or a lot of my listeners were right. They were worried about a performance like we had in the middle of the run against Jacksonville where they lost six to nothing where press coverage happy couldn't get away from press. Coverage quick offer excuse me defensive front. Are we saw this kid Ford whip breaking Smith for a sack we saw the same thing with the Jack? I thought they were beyond re cap. I really did. I I'm not gonna lie. I watched him play. I watch your speed of core. I watch the athletes athleticism and Lux connection with t y Hilton and others. And I thought you know, what? Make it be. But they're not going to have a bad performance. They had a terrible performance. They had a performance that is reminiscent of back when they were one in five or or the one loss they had in the streets happy and that was against the Jaguars. It was bad. And it surprised me to no end. It really really did. I thought they would be much better Mahomes might beach because Mahomes, damn good. But I think he would beat you that easy. And I didn't think the cultural go down. There was so many mistakes. Yeah. I I watched that game thought. Wow. And they just they had their way with them. They were never ever out of control that surprise me. Yeah. And know how it goes last week. Playoff game. I first possession. Third and twelve TY helps makes a great over the shoulder. Catch completely shuts up the Texans fan. I mean, the place is going nuts. All right. I play this game third and three pass ez pass over the middle. Eric Hebron, drops it. Now, the place is going nuts. And you know, how that goes cap. I mean, it's not always the play at the end of the game that be it's the play that ignite things, and I just a simple play like that two weeks ago. Really went a long way to helping the colts get off to a great start and a bad play like that yesterday. And then you got Terry missing the shortest kick of his career. You gotta miss an extra point. You've got offensive line that every time something went well are they held it was a complete meltdown. And I'm giving you the colts side of it from the other side of it. I if I was Kansas City. I just say we were simply a better football team that beat a team that wasn't good. Now. What's the next step? They've got to take because I look at our. Bears Trubisky has to take the next step. He had a really good, you know, back half of his season. I thought he really showed a lot of progress. But he's got to take the next step. What are the colts have to do? You. Don't care. They have cap space. They're going to have a over one hundred million. We have good young talent. But. Just take the bears defense. How many playmakers run up bears defense? The answer is a fun trade ally colts off. Yeah. Colts offense, if we don't have enough playmakers, and they don't have enough in the defensive back from Lee Hooker went out. And this is one thing about it was so funny when me cooker was drafted by the colts with dollars like the first draft. Cookers on the phone with the Gano. Donald like, you're going to be the next day. I've read your the neck and Ballard literally with media. They're just relax. Let's let's just this is relaxed here. He's good football player. But relax. Anyway, but cooker was out colts defensive backfield. Help coach need another playmaker or two on the offensive side because you know, this cab got a great quarterback which everybody tells me luck is you gotta surround them with weapons and T Y Hilton was banged up. The other guys are okay. But you gotta give them weapons. You gotta give them a bunch of guys Brown. I am of the belief that in the NFL you don't win with choirboys. Right. Tonio brown. Bring wavy on bell at one of the big offensive lineman. Smashing into miles when they get out of hand. And let's go. Yeah. You don't win voice, man. That's an asset sport play by absolute animals. I mean, wow. Cap. It's a few years ago. Willis mcgahee. He was on the market. And you know, we're sitting here on my show. Got Rickman Terry longtime NFL coach say go get mcgahey people. Like, no, he's not a nice guy. He parts the guy whatever I think it was McCain your nose blunt blunt, Gary. Oh, yeah. The girl blood. So next thing, you know, the blood is playing against the colts in the AFC championship game running for like seven thousand yards and knocking everybody down. Right. And we're like well. Yeah. Go get some talent. I'm all for everything. I'm you know, what it's so much fun as you well know, and I'm embarrassed fan. So I grew like hell for them. And and the calls so much fun anymore in the NFL. When you're cities team is good. Go get guys that are good man as long as they're not deviant criminals. Go get the good players. Yeah. I completely agree with you, the deviant criminals, that's a different story. But you're right. But it's funny. Lou Pinella grabbed me one day after he'd been here a little bit. And we're at a golf charity golf event here. He comes. He's like, hey, I gotta tell you something. You know, what the problem is here? You people wanna like your athletes as people how about getting a couple of B's all I care about is winning. To say this. I used to say there's and and I I I used to say I don't care if Charles Manson play shortstop for the cubs. I just want him to win right? Because when I was a kid they never won. It was like, you know, by first play-off experience with the cubs was nineteen eighty four. You know, what I mean like damn one one time. Can you win something look we don't want. You don't want deviants. You don't want criminals. You don't want abusive. I get I'm totally get on that. But let's talk. Let's go back to, you know, Brown's a pain in the ass. Okay. What's great wide receiver isn't a pain in the ass Levy on bell painting. Yeah. Okay. Which you know, I guess most running backs aren't maybe he he he overstayed his welcome. Maybe both overstaying their welcome. I don't know. But they're gonna and that's when that bell rings on Sunday. They seem pretty good to me man, you like cabinet manure uniform, eight lasting are you surprised by the cubs lack of activity that it was moving heaven and earth to get Daniel discount. So. I'm not only surprised I'm disappointed like, I'm not big on Machado. But I wouldn't mind seeing Harper out here. I mean what you know. Yeah. I am because you cap again, I go back to when I was a kid. It always seemed like the cubs were small market team. And then all of a sudden here comes steel, and we're acting like a big market team. Which I like, right? I always said the guy who understood what he had more than anybody in the world was George Steinbrenner, George Steinbrenner understood where the freaking Yankees, and we're gonna win and we're gonna do whatever the hell it takes to win. And I was kinda hoping that that might be the cubs approach here. Maybe they like what they have. I'm guessing until we trust. But yeah, I wouldn't mind seeing I don't know. Maybe a little Bryce Harper and right. No, look good. Maybe they'll surprise us. And maybe at Jeff passages said to be maybe THEO has just slow played everybody had just said, let me ask you would that surprise you. Yes. Me too. I'd be shocking to I'd be shocked. There's a way to slow play one thing. And to look you in the eye basically lie to your face. I don't believe it you and I both love Jimmy Boylan giving more money give Jimmy Boylan more contract. Give Jimmy Boylan more money. You know, it's funny. Funny that you said that because that's my next topic. Because look if Dan dockets moves some working, whatever your sift is to morning drive. You're going to get paid more money. That's just the way it's done. He was the assistant coach now he's the head coach he's going to get more money, and it's not so much money that they can't move on from if they want the guys out there. And if they're gonna make in the head coach that pay the man. Cathy, I got doubled my salary when I became interim, head coaches, Indiana for seven games, and and I got a whole 'nother year on it. I should ask for three more years. But you know, what? Good. Hey, look, somebody gotta sit in there and take the tanking or whatever it is they're doing so might as well be Jimmy be paid a man to give. Hey, like KGB said give the man his mind. Hey that man his money, exactly. Hey, man, have a good show today. My brother. Thanks for having me here. The best see there. You got my guy. Dan, dockage love him. Anyway, he's right. And we can get into the Jimmy Boylan stuff. But I do wanna play we promised. We'd play it snoop Dogg quiz at the LA kings game the other day, it was so great. I heard him doing hockey. And I immediately sent The Danny and Chris he was already they're already on it. Danny already knew about it. It's gone viral. Now, this is snoop Dogg in the booth at the LA kings game the other night..

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