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Kids that can come up and making you after so it's a win win and and i don't really see a reason for yankee fans to to get any and even though i wanted to see glacier torres wade i mean he was he was playing real well then i understand why you know tony tony this is a young team and then they all around there was very young team and neil walker brings a sense of professionalism and and leadership and the though he told me i tell you you know we had i love danny murphy i wasn't a fan of signing him because of his liability defensively and what he did i you know i'm like i said i'm a diehard i knew he sixteen eighty rbi sixty home runs a year but his arrows killed us and then he goes to the nationals as vp so you could not see that coming neil walker changed the defensive mindset to the mets because they were turning double plays they will make making plays that would never get done so i just said as a yankee fans just sit tight you know i think that he's a huge pickup for a very young team that's obviously lies and like you said if you've got young guys that you'll give me a chance to get better and if he falters you know they take over and if he does the job you know it's the steel and they step up exactly what tony listen just really quick before you let me go i have to disagree with you wholeheartedly where so del i mean i'm a tug again same as jen but the mets i lead blue i i'm a hard giants fans and i'm very upset with the way odell handles themselves and you know speaking about neil walker professionalism odell almost like to say when it comes to that but she's the one thing that i think that we have to keep in mind is social media cameras i mean to four you know we used to have two i'm forty four years old i used to have to walk around with a camera in my head to take a good picture.

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