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The heartbeat of the invaders might pull and third delicately as the trauma of a net swing the is listened and the nose siphoned great chamber of odor the flu VM of dairy economy pure love cross actually that's the suicide of slightly convoluted lisa price is good writing can really do it when he wants to he gets away sometimes with over to this kamei's subscription you'll see a whole paragraph is really lyrical riff on something and i think that's a perfect conjunction of a writer who's trying to get the word counts tom because he's selling writing by the yard and so pope kind of pulp magazine for you gotta get three thousand words paragraph description but he's good enough to get away with it and and it can be able to talk but you go actually this is kind of good paragraph even though you don't need it this is the story of the inaccurately title fahrenheit four five one he wrote it as a long short story as twenty thousand words short story which he wrote in nine days and a publishing after it came out in one of those magazines publisher publisher approached him and says could you at twenty thousand words to this and we'll put thousands novel he said sure and took another nine days and he wrote twenty thousand words more cool and actually i don't know how recently any of you have read fahrenheit four fifty one i read a couple of maybe last year it's a brilliant a fantastic example of a book the central idea of which is so strong it's passed into history allowing the actual the problems with the book itself which are that it was written in eighteen days into an you can really tell my doesn't matter because the the the power of the myth in the twentieth century so strong cultural myth of it the book shouldn't be the secondary issue and yet i'm wrong because clearly millions of people have read handled wasn't it for awhile i'm sure it was a sectarian so it's funny it seems to be slightly lots of brad re slight in eclipse can you think of the kind of the dystopia his that we likes to harmonize tail is definitely come up on inside is probably joint number one now with nine hundred eighty four brave new world bit behind that and of the great dystopia that feels like it's lagging in fourth place because so i watched for this the two thousand eighteen remake of finite fifty-one with michael shannon and michael jordan and i would have to say that it is terrible over terrible sci fi film booked the reason it doesn't stunned his because you realized watching it they try to build the internet into the script at one point and michael b jordan smashes a computer monitor there is loading books books to an internet and actually that just doesn't make sense because you can eliminate things so the idea of like like taking books away and replacing them with TV and the knowledge being outlawed like that is completely incomprehensible at the end of the film they send and the entire so of body of published in all of the books basically in captial in a bird over to canada it has a copyright library i'm sure how how did it get it in the bud let's not talk about that so data exists and that kind of undermines reminds the when you kind of network information like fahrenheit four fifty one stops being a scary i read a actually i i really liked reading terrible so comments on terrible films and i was reading the kind of user reviews of this film and actually one of them made a really good point ah fahrenheit four fifty one the terror on the horror of that dystopia is because you are reading our book and read about a world weather or no books in a book is that is there like sarah and once you put that NFL more china the internet it completely leases it's like what so compelling which in turn shows you that of course bribery knew exactly what he was doing because he is interested as you said gen in the idea more than in the idea of malls rather than the hulled soy approach of of telling you you know the guy who who read the the the color knows novels kin-san robson so they are the opposite they are like that we have to nail everything down because what oh you won't is world building breeze not really interested in he's amazing improvised denise say the my stories run up and bite me in the leg and a respond by writing down everything that goes on during the bite when i finished the idea gets up and just feel like that he kind of he's possessed by something and there is that i- reading the stories it reminded me of of having to do you know try to writing stories at school were you given a theme and then you write something you try and put it there is that kind of really simple energy to it and i think he's sort of interests archetypes as well as in and and he's quite explicit in some of the stories is one of the enough of the sun where the people who are going to mars or essentially doing what stunned skyer stood or what the great pioneers heading to the american west for doing and he's really interested in these things malls becomes sort of place of you've abandoned cities he's very big resin i think on that kind of these spaces that are sometimes sometimes get their revenge like sometimes sometimes i feel all of those themes there's all this like so real skepticism about colonial explorer flora practices however you want to characterize it like you know half of the martian chronicles is failures to populate on the absolute a human disasters that occur when people new people go to a place and try and take over and still actually wells we're the world's device in the martian chronicles doesn't turn up nicole willis people living here martian living until quite recently but it seems what type of chicken part of the other foot is is really good sort of reverse colonialism and this is well the the the the white guy spy ship arriving in chronicles is a it was my absolute favorite and that's partly because i'm really fascinated by as a book is a brilliant example of what is is collections short stories is a novel things is people talking about right now in terms of collections of short stories noble visuals martian chronicles is clearly on one level a lotta stories about mawes that he had what lying around because he'd written them over ten years but what he does he put them together in a specific order he rework look some of the content so that flow through which is incredibly satisfying and you really feel you go somewhere through the book as you read through the the other reason i really loved the martian chronicles and you both august the two young and produced a too young to remember this but do you remember when television was so three channels yes and one of the big season with start when the summer the holidays are over in september and i remember being on holiday with my mom and dad incredible and having to sit in the TV lounge in the hotel tale 'cause we weren't TV's in the room because it was the premiere of bbc one big saturday night american series for nineteen eighty eighty which was the martian chronicles by ray bradbury starring rock hudson that's how long ago and actually it's not i mean looking at it now there are there are issues with but but like the book it's kind of charming now it's kind of retro-futurism about the TV EV as much as there is about the book i just bringing you different eras that's an amazing did you something i came across dune research with the end ball chris wrote an introduction to a spanish addition on of the martian chronicles this incredible quo which is which totally struck me i'm just gonna find it in my nose relevant so both has says what has this man from illinois don i asked myself when closing the pages of this facebook the episodes from the conquest of another planet fill me with horror and loneliness and to me is just like absolutely an encapsulation habsi latian if these searchlight search loneliness in the marsh and chronic i'm you took about margaret atwood an atmos- written several times about right bribery this is one of the great things about margaret atwood i think when people would say to her but the handmaid's tale is cy final she got yeah yeah it is yeah i love sci-fi and i love ray bradbury and she's written several essays about bribery and introductions to specific editions tony's she might even have written i know you've got a story there is this skeleton yeah so widely chosen this story i i mentioned skeletons skulls isn't actually in illustration member had to find on the internet because it was one of those one of the stories when i originally read it absolutely kind of freaked me out and it's got quite a lot of bradbury's there is a sort of undercurrent of existential essential horror in some of the best of breed stuff and this you know there's the edit line about webb's to sing skull beneath the skin and this this is a story that really kind of religious realizes that and it's this guy who goes to his doctor because he's got kind of aches and pains and doctors not deigning for him and says he's a hypochondriac and he becomes convinced the his skeleton is somehow war with the rest of his body and notice that his skeleton is in him and people around around him have skeletons well read a little bit of it which you know he's in the process of freaking about scottish and he's like does does anyone else's kneecap move like this what's his thinking casing my lungs and he's and then he's trying to live as normal life at the same time so you darling coming to meet ladies called his wife's sweet clear voice mr harris stood upright his skeleton which is all in capital letters in this was holding him upright this thing inside him this invader this horror was supporting his arms legs and head it was like finding someone just behind you who shouldn't be there with with every step he took he realized how dependent he was on this other thing darling i'll be with you in a moment he called weekly himself said come on now breaks up go to go back to work tomorrow on friday you're gonna make that trick phoenix quite a drive over six hundred miles gotta be in shape for that trip or you won't get mr cronan to put his money into your ceramics business chinoy chinoy now five minutes later he stood among ladies being introduced to mrs with us mrs apple matin miss all of whom had skeletons inside them but took it very very calmly because nature had catholic closed the ben nudity of clavicle tibia and femur with breasts thighs carbs with coiffure and and either satanic with beast lips and more sheltered mr harris inwardly when they talk eat part of their skeleton shows that teeth i never thought of that excuse me he said and ran from the room only in time to drop his lunch among.

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