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And I'm Bruce Allen. Teddy Guillen is our producer. Just ahead. Former Virginia Senator John Warner, who served for decades in the Senate, has died on Capitol Hill. I'm Mitchell Miller, a New York jury grand jury will hear evidence and consider possible criminal charges against former President Trump about his business practices. It appears U. S troops will leave Afghanistan much earlier in the summer than expected. Good morning. It's 9 31. Former Virginia Senator John Warner, who served for three decades of the U. S. Senate, has died. We get more now from wt Opie's Mitchell Miller joining us live from Capitol Hill after serving as Navy secretary Senator Warner served five terms in the Senate in his first Senate run. He campaigned with his then wife, actress Elizabeth Taylor, but nearly failed to get elected, finishing second at the GOP convention, but the Republican nominee died in a plane crash. And Warner later narrowly won his 1978 race. He went on to serve as Senate armed services chair and his Senate career spanned from 1979 to 2009 praises pouring in from members of both political parties this morning, Senator Mark Warner, who ran against John Warner, Praising him Warner John Warner actually defeated Mark Warner in 1996, and then they went on to become friends. Joan and Bruce. All right, Thank you, Mitch. One question for you here. While John Warner was a longtime Republican, he had an independent political streak he did in the 2016 Election. Warner actually endorsed Democrat Hillary Clinton and her race against Donald Trump, and much earlier. He caused quite a stir in the nineties when he opposed GOP nominee Oliver North, who tried to unseat Democratic Senator Chuck Robb Warner instead. Supporting independent Marshall Coleman the divide in that race, allowing Rob to get elected. So while he did ruffle some feathers in the GOP, he was very well respected, however, for always standing on principle within the party I want. It was probably best known as the Senate Armed Services chairman. But didn't he also have a big impact on transportation projects in our area here, Right, Bruce. This is one of the legacies that a lot of people don't realize He had a huge role in getting railed to Dulles and helping to secure funding for the Wilson Bridge, and his former Virginia congressman Tom Davis told our collar. Bigmat small this morning. He worked a lot behind the scenes to get the funding for that He loved the horse trading aspect of it, in fact, on the Wilson Bridge that looked like they weren't going to get about $600 million in federal funding that they needed for that new bridge. However, he helped do that with some horse trading with a Pennsylvania lawmaker, and I happen to be on the bridge that day when it opened, and it was all the credit going to the governors and the D. C. Mayor. Warner never really said anything at that event. But he said to Tom Davis, no problem. He was fine with standing aside and letting everybody else take credit. I also have to recall one last thing when I would sometimes catch up with John Warner during events in Hampton Roads when he was the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee. I was covering the Navy and I came up to him one day and I said Senator, How are you today? And he said, And that gravelly, stentorian voice never better, and he was known for saying that constantly. Whatever he would run into Emmy was always upbeat again. A man of principle a man who will really, really be missed by Virginia. Good memories. Mitch. Thanks so much. Mitchell Millet there from Capitol Hill and also, funeral arrangements have not been set yet. But Virginia Governor Ralph Northam just said that he is ordering the Virginia state flags to be flown at half staff over the state capital on the day of Warner's funeral. It's 9 34..

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