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One says. Sometimes they feel like helped create a monster reasons so interesting. This foam is because I think so many of us now have to manufacturer feel like we have to manufacture a second identity online and to some small extent have that second persona function is us out in the world. And what does that mean for all of us as we go out and try and have meaningful Relationships. Of course, it trips us up sometimes for Paris is catastrophic and taking on the role as a spokesman for this group of they call themselves survivors of the Utah archipelago. To redeem perhaps a life of superficiality. People kind of lay at my feet that I may have set that up. But when I was trying to Justus, a journalist, verify what she was telling me. She asked me to find her roommate, Jessica, because she remembered actually creating the parasols in character with her. They had a name for her back in the day. She was called the Decoy. And she was this ridiculous over the top sparkly character and Paris said to me Find Jessica. And so that's how actually we began going back and finding all of these survivors, but it was coming from Paris and I will tell you something else Since filming has ended. Paris has been very involved in talking to different senators about what they can do with breaking food silence gathering. This group of survivors has already plugged in to making sure that their movement continues. So she's driving it still, so to me, that is really genuine. Did you as a filmmaker? No, Like from the outset that this story is much more complicated. And Paris Hilton is, you know, even a victim. The reason that I understood that this trauma was there in her and that there was a path to finding out is a strange one. And it has to do with my own sister, who was institutionalized. As a kid. He was extremely beautiful, who was scandalous and he was nearly broken by an institution that wasn't too different from Provo Canyon School, where Paris went And I think that's part of what drew me to this film because I saw that with my sister. She's very powerful young women that are a little bit out of control. You know, they scare us on this level that almost doesn't make any sense. And I saw my sister be broken by this institution. She went Teo and I think Paris was broken in the same way and I I just wanted to look at that. Why don't we do that? Is it because we want to save them and keep from pure or we want to keep them safe. What is it? And are we breaking people who could be extraordinarily powerful? If they were let to be who they are. It occurs to me now that at the very beginning of the film, we hear her, saying that she is astonished about her own transformation during the making of the film. Itself. Is it possible today actually did begin. It's a sort of cynical, manipulative exercise of rebranding and turned out to be a transformational experience for Paris, having to relive the trauma and Begin to get a grip on how it had informed her life. Yeah, and certainly that's what I saw. And you know what? It changed me, too, because I went through a lot as a child. What I realized is she could never go to therapy because she had actually been abused by therapists at the school. She went to so therapy was part of her PTSD. And what I think you see in this film. Is a woman going through therapy, and the reason that she's able to do it with me is because I went through something similar as a kid. I think we're both kind of finding our way back. So what happened to us and looking at a world where that happened in asking questions about it? I think what happens in this film is very unusual. And to me itself very real. Well, I must say I feel better about her as fake American 21st century history. But I didn't leave the film with any sense that she's going to be okay. Is Paris Hilton going to be okay? Yeah, I I didn't want to answer that for the viewer the end of the film because I really didn't know. And I still don't know if she'll find the strength to leave the brand behind. Well, you know what? You Esther? That as a very direct question, Can you and the.

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