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NewsRadio. Colorado's news, traffic and weather station. Meteorologist dash tears here from our partners at CBS four weather. I was just telling John about the beautiful sunshine. We've got here in the tech center. But it's not warming things up at all. No, it's not and that's going to be a problem all day long. We're still gonna have more clouds than sun right into the afternoon. And it's possible it could even be a few flurries late afternoon. But really the big story today is just how cold it's going to stay. We're not going to warm up much from where we are right now. Maybe twenty two maybe twenty three for a high today. That's about twenty degrees below normal for the twenty eighth of December. And it only gets colder from there tonight. We drop down to seven for the overnight low could be the coldest nights. So far this season for many neighborhoods, a wind chill values below zero tonight. So really frigid starts the weekend tomorrow, but then tomorrow afternoon with a lot of sunshine. We should get up close to forty. So it'll turn out to be a decent day tomorrow. And then clear skies tomorrow night teens again going into Sunday morning Sunday afternoon about forty eight degrees for kickoff the Broncos and chargers at mile high. So good for the Broncos. Yeah. Enjoy that. The us right after it April. We can another storm coming in guaranteed guaranteed to be a lot colder for New Year's Eve on Monday twenty one for the high and we could see some snow in Denver coming up Monday morning. Still a little early to tell how much if any accumulation, but we'll keep you posted. And the New Year's day only twenty six so it's cold to wrap up this year. It's cold to start next year and four Monday evening. Teens offer temperatures during the firework displays and everything else going on around town and in single digits after midnight coming up Monday night. So it's gonna be really cold champagne makes everything feel warmer. Doesn't it long as it doesn't freeze on right?.

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