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Friendship with the gillen's that edison met the much younger mean miller a polish young woman who had attended finishing school and understood well the elite social world that edison now inhabited meena and thomas soon became a couple she was so intrigued by edison's career that she learned morse code as a way of getting closer to him it worked edison took her palm in his one day and tapped out a proposal in morse code she accepted thirty eight year old thomas edison married twenty year old meena on february twenty fourth eighteen eighty six the new bride moved into a newly purchased mansion along with the three edison children in west orange new jersey meena thomas went on to have three children of their own madeline was born two years later in eighteen eighty eight charles came next in eighteen ninety and last came theodore in eighteen ninety eight most of the family adjusted to these changes but marianne the eldest daughter resented her father's new young wife meena was less than ten years older than marian when she moved in and she got a cold reception from her new stepdaughter marian later described meena as quote too young to be my mother and too old to be a chum tensions lingered between them for years afterward not long after setting up house again edison was back at work and by eighteen eighty eight thomas edison was the wizard of the electrical grid has power stations were electrifying one hundred twenty one municipalities across america and in many other places around the globe but in new generation of electrical moguls was rising one of these new moguls was george westinghouse who bought a patent from nikola tesla that refined alternating current and made it more practical for mass electrification the serbianborn tesla was once an employee of edison's the two parted ways over personality differences into dispute over a bonus tesla believed edison had promised him but hadn't paid.

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