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It's not it's not tiddlywinks here. This is serious stuff. Then yesterday comes around FBI confirms that they executed a search warrant at the mayor's house. They take out computers and all sorts of other things is that all about and the IRS now to all sorts of federal and local law enforcement. No again, and Frank was the mayor was on our show, and it was fine everything, but we Frank Marino. And I would figure why did how did Don guardian knock every Aleppo voter fraud. He he lost through voter fraud. And this is documented it's not me saying this is this is a really serious situation. And then you know, what we were doing that show from the ocean resort. One of the local one of the many local Atlantic City residents than we have listened to us came down and said, Joe if you really wanna make news ask the mayor what he did before. Did you see that? Yeah. And then you're gentleman you're not going to cause controversy like that guests in the mayor's town, and he's kind enough to wake up at seven AM to come on our show. But you know, no one knows what this guy was doing for a living prior to nine years ago. You know, what said because the towns coming back xactly towns coming back, but dot Gardez talking about Lake City and forgive him. We'll go to major Garrett in the second congressman king. But I love talking about a place that I loved lady city where I cut my teeth man down. There are still a great place to go. Don guardian said when you go in because Joey was here watching he was the down. My son was down to just the other day. He said, you know, the abandoned casinos are still there. Don said Amir guardians and knock them down. They should not be what is taking so long. When you first come in there Caesar's there, which is great on your way to ocean resort which we, but then there's the old Trump property not come down. No, no hundred percent and make them like animals. I'm gonna beachfront situation. He number of. All that's going on in the world. We're talking about Lake City. The big story of courses, the.

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