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And he wants to change it and but it really was of a lot of what they were doing wrong a lot of the reasons why Hines is on that bench right now and not let me let yeah it did not get off to the start they were looking for just over a minute a half in Boston struck first so what did you see in the first three okay with the first no it was it was just sloppy you know it was it was a tough period yeah are you know but it you know I think they they can be better let's do that before we bring in our guest looks Boston seconds for station identification you're listening to the post game show on the fifth third bank natural predators radio copy counties original radio station thunder radio W. MSR Manchester everybody here bear house give a warm welcome jeritan already has made his way to thanks for coming up this month unusual circumstances obviously with a brand new fresh voice in the room you guys just make your coach this morning so what what is it like going through as a player and then by the way trying to sit up and play games I guess a really good Boston team tonight yes it was tough I mean there's a lot going on last couple days but you know I think the onus is on the players I think you know we're all professionals and you know we start to show up and play him either this loss was coming here to matter what happened so what what did you see you just saw the steam on the road road trip that ended in a with a successful road trip were you beat the Bruins but what what did you see tonight is it the push you were looking from obviously they were gonna come and angry yeah yeah they're good team is a play with a lot of confidence right now I think you know the play shows that they're making plays out there you know I don't think we're quite there defensively known and that's just the way with us tonight you fought Clifford in LA the gun to get things going in a nice win against the kings when you see what happened by the way I'm sure this crowd will appreciate this conversation Trenton going up against Charles that was something to watch in the third skills he knows a little bit about C. H. R. but I mean that's it two six nine and and trying to drop the yeah yeah no that was that was impressive as good on him you know it's probably not for that I did see they had a really see all started I try to get in there but he was already ready it also you know it's good for him a problem what what have you seen it I know short amount of time but what have you seen with your coach in and out there on the ice he plays a hard nose game he's big he's heavy you know he plays a game or self and I think you know I'm used to seeing at a walkie every this guy's complain awesome down there and and I'm happy to its chance up here so this morning is the first time you guys actually got to talk to coach times what what are your initial thoughts from from him I I know was quick it if you guys did Rick to correct me if I'm wrong you don't really three change much of your routine he just kind of wanted to keep it as it was in and get his feet wet so to speak yeah I think so when he came in and that was the main thing I think he just wanted here want to change too much much on us right away and I think you know you just said go play the way you guys have a plan you know we had some key points for us some things that we were looking to establish on our end and take it from there you know he's he seems like you know real straight for cold hard nosed coach and in our that's all we need right now was there a point of emphasis that he was making that you can share with us or was it more just little details yeah I think the you know the main thing I got out with him this morning was you know we just need to establish our identity we need to figure out you know what kind of team we what we're going to be how we want to play and we need to bring that consistently every single night have you spent any time around him at all did your paths cross yep I actually played for him under seventeens at the USA program while and he left for looks very right after that what what were your impressions I know that you know it's you know he was great he was great with me is great work with young guys you know developing us with a really good team back then and you know we're successful are under him for that year that we had a what what do you guys actively talking about because now it's a second tonight was officially the second half of the season this is the push where you know you got to get things going yeah I mean it's go time now and there's no time to wait to meet tonight didn't go our way you know the way anybody wanted it to but you know they're still Chicago coming up here so you know it's good it's go time we need to push you know everybody to step up a little bit more sheared you guys have had some like you said you guys are being a lot of you at some opportunities now from Milwaukee because of the injuries and other circumstances when you look around the room what what do you see I see a team that wants to win I think that's the biggest thing I think all the guys in the room you know everybody's specially tonight I was pissed off everyone's angry at you know that this isn't the way you want things to go but what do you see guys that kind of stopped caring about an artist first off that's when you start to worry this teams you know pretty passed on there so I think we should have a response okay made Chicago in your next road trip thanks for doing that thank you the facts are not here to nori everybody per se him coming up predators fall.

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