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I left it there. I assume somebody will come and pick it up and possibly casino boy and casino. Employees will go into the wastebasket but there are players who will live off these things aggregate the price. Yes and they're all doing you know they're all doing versions of them. Seem one is is much more insidious. I don't have all the facts but there's a certain thing that you can't you can't cash it out and if you hit the wrong button it says all decisions are all transactions are revocable so you could have i forget what it goes up to one hundred hundred and fifty dollars and you hit the wrong button and you could donate that money and you can't get it back a sensibly so again. All of this is just preliminary. I don't have all the facts yet. But i know absolutely the something along those lines is going on. It's brutal sick of it right at the end of our shows. We have a recommended section. So richard do you have something to recommend our listeners today. Yes one of my favorite podcast is called risk of ruin. It's by guy. John reader and his latest episode is about richard ziemba. Who was is he. He was in the horse racing world. He's academic and He his first system. His book came out in the early eighties and he sort of found a system for beating horses based on the fact that while the price on the win for the horse was fairly accurate. The prices on the place in the show were not and so through some calculations he you could make winning bets the place and show pools and ironically the way. Thorpe didn't have money when he learned about card counting. You went to wealthy guys to back him in this case but went to thorp thorp with with two tracks because he was now quite wealthy at this point and you know they were betting horses together Anyway so through the course of history he. Ziemba did work for bill bender and alan woods and You know other horse racing guys anyway. It's a really fascinating podcast. So yeah it's called risk of ruin in. It's the latest episode with richard ziemba. Zuma was one of the early guys that i read. When i was coming up and starting to learn and he did a lottery. Book in his lottery. Book was was credible. He didn't make any outlandish statements about you can beat it in. Its to this day. I still think one of the best lottery books you can read. And i never got into his horse racing snuff but you squeeze quite famous and well known for that. My recommended is a book called the hell. Fire club by jake tapper..

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